Aleene's® Fast Grab Tacky Glue™

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Aleene's® Fast Grab Tacky Glue™ has an extra-thick formula that won’t run and grabs hard-to-hold items on contact. The easy-to-squeeze bottle helps you place just the right amount of glue precisely where you want it and dries clear and flexible. The fast-grabbing, fast-tacking formula is great for grabbing and permanently adhering items such as beads, stones and jewelry.


1. On paper, cloth and porous materials, spread on a thin coat, press and let dry.
2. On wood, pottery and semiporous materials, spread on a heavy coat, weight or clamp, and let set 30-40 minutes.
3. While glue is wet, remove excess glue with a damp cloth.
4. Not intended for washable wearables.
5. Always test for best results.