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DIY Applique Tote

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Picture of DIY Applique Tote

I absolutely love those inexpensive blank tote bags but I'll be the first to admit that sewing fabric onto them is virtually impossible, especially if you're trying to work with detail images or words. That's when Fabric Fusion saves the day! It's strong and flexible hold makes adding the word "Shine" to this DIY Applique Tote super easy and fun.

What you need:

Aleene's Fabric Fusion
Blank Tote Bag
Coordinating Fabric


DIY Applique Tote Step 1

Using either hand-drawn letters or a stencil, cut out the word "Shine" from your fabric. I went with a mostly solid print for visibility sake but the choice is totally up to you!

DIY Applique Tote Step 2

Apply a minimal strip of Fabric Fusion around the edge of each letter. You can either use the tip of the bottle to evenly disperse or apply a thin layer with a paintbrush.

DIY Applique Tote Step 3

Secure fabric with straight pins and allow to dry according to instructions on the back of the Fabric Fusion bottle.

DIY Applique Tote Step 4

Cut a small panel of the coordinating fabric to fit on the back of your bag. Fold the top edge down 1/4" and apply a thin layer. Secure with straight pins while drying. Add more Fabric Fusion to the three other edges, adhere in place on the center of the tote, and secure with straight pins. 

DIY Applique Tote Step 5

Once glue had dried completely, you can add additional detail with a fabric marker. 

DIY Applique Tote Step 6

Your DIY Applique Tote is good to go! The extra pocket in the back will help keep you organized while the inspirational message on front will brighten everyone's day. Shine on!

DIY Applique Tote Step 7

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Published Date

October 28, 2016