10 Creative Glass Crafts to Make with Aleene's

Get ready to craft with glass! Glass is great for crafting because of its versatility you can create anything from mason jar crafts to ornaments, decor and more! We've got a great list of creative glass crafts to try with Aleene's, so grab some glue and get inspired for your next DIY! 


1. DIY Glitter Polka Dot Jar

DIY glitter polka dot jar

Do you have a storage jar that needs a little sparkle? Everything is better with glitter, including this simple glass craft! Place some Instant Tacky Dots onto a plain glass jar and roll it in glitter for an amazingly easy transformation. This glittery polka dot jar is ready to display right away no need to wait for glue to dry! 


2. Faux Geode Planter Glass Craft

Faux geode planter glass craft

A geode-inspired planter will add an elegant aura to any home! Creating a planter with authentic crystals can be expensive, but colored glass makes it look like the real deal for a fraction of the price. This creative glass craft uses Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive for heavy-duty hold that dries crystal clear! 


3. DIY Glass Gem Apple Mason Jar Craft

DIY Glass Gem Apple Mason Jar Craft

If you've tried crafting with glass gems before, you probably know how frustrating it is when those delicate gems start to slip and fall off. Luckily, this mason jar craft is as easy as apple pie thanks to Aleene's Ultimate Adhesive. Allow the adhesive to set and become tacky before pressing the pieces together for a super strong hold. This simple glass craft is perfect for autumn and makes a great gift for teachers, too! 


4. Photo Frame Glass Craft

Photo Frame Glass Craft

Here's a glass craft that's perfect for displaying your favorite photos! Use paint markers on a glass panel to create a simple yet stunning frame, then display your favorite photos with Aleene's Stick & Restick. This repositionable temporary adhesive allows you to change out your photos as you make new memories, so you can get super creative with your display!


5. Salt Luminaries Mason Jar Craft

Salt Luminaries Mason Jar Craft

This mason jar craft will fill your home with warm, ambient light! Whether you're displaying these jars for the holidays or just want to set a relaxing vibe for your room, you'll love the ambience these salt luminaries bring. It's incredibly easy to make your own salt luminaries with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue just coat the jar with glue, roll it in Epsom salt, and allow to dry. Try personalizing this glass craft with a name or a short word for an extra boost of creativity! 


6. Glittered Wine Glass Craft

10 Creative Glass Crafts to Make with Aleene's

Give your glassware a glow up with glitter! Start planning your next wine night and try this gorgeous wine glass craft to impress your guests. Aleene's Original Tacky Glue is perfect for this sparkly project brush on the glue, pour on the glitter, and allow to dry overnight. These glittered glasses add a festive touch to celebratory occasions and can elevate your casual gatherings, too!


7. Mosaic Luminary Mason Jar Craft

Mosaic Luminary Mason Jar Craft

Who doesn't love abstract mosaic art? This mason jar craft uses Aleene's Ultimate with glass tiles to make a colorful mosaic luminary. The best part of this glass craft is that there's no wrong way to place the tiles, so you can get creative with your mosaic designs! Once the glue has dried, place a tea light inside to create a soft, glowing ambience.  


8. Simple Terrarium Glass Craft

Simple terrarium glass craft

Add a touch of greenery to your space with this easy glass craft! Learn how to glue wood to glass with Aleene's Craft DIY Super Glue and create your own simple terrarium.Fill your DIY terrarium with rocks, moss, and soil, then plant your cacti to start a succulent indoor garden!


9. Faux Stained Glass Mason Jar Craft

Faux Stained Glass Mason Jar Craft

Put a twist on traditional luminaries with a faux stained glass technique that's super easy to DIY with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue! We added Halloween-themed embellishments like spiders and googly eyes to this seasonal mason jar craft, but you can switch out your colors and add-ons for any theme, any time of year!


10. DIY Glitter Ornaments Glass Craft

DIY glitter ornaments glass craft

This glass craft is the perfect way to add some sparkle to the holidays! Create custom ornaments with your favorite colors and gorgeous glitter designs. It's never too early to get ready for the most wonderful time of the year all you need to transform your plain glass ornaments is Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue and a whole lot of glitter! 


What other glass crafts will you create with Aleene's? Show us what you're working on and tag us on social media @AleenesDIY! 


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