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25% Off Kid-Ready Adhesives

Blossom into  Spring Creations Blossom into  Spring Creations

Blossom into
Spring Creations

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Fireworks, family & crafts

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Reuse, Repair, and Refresh

Extend the life of your favorite items with Aleene’s DIY Craft Adhesives. From mending décor to refurbishing furniture, Aleene’s offers versatile, budget-friendly adhesives with strong, lasting bonds. Add Aleene’s to your toolkit and join the DIYers who choose repair over replacement!

Woodcraft Magic: Long-Lasting Creations!

Create long-lasting wood crafts with Aleene’s Wood Glue. This durable adhesive works for both wood repairs and creating delightful wood crafts to use and display for years to come.

Elevate Your Crafts

Elevate your decor with Aleene’s DIY Craft Heavy Duty Adhesive. This versatile, strong adhesive lets you securely bond a wide range of materials, from fabric to wood, for reliable, long-lasting results. 🦋