Matching Dog & Owner DIY Scarecrow Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween is even more fun when you get to coordinate with your furry friend! These matching dog & owner DIY scarecrow costumes are super easy to make with no sewing needed - just Aleene's Fabric Fusion. Whether you're going to a dog-friendly Halloween party or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, you can make these DIY scarecrow costumes last minute without breaking your budget.

What you need:
Aleene's® Fabric Fusion®
- Denim overalls
- Denim doggy overalls
- Straw hat (sized for owner)
- Dog straw hat
- Assorted fabrics and burlap for patches
- Faux flowers and leaves (fall colors)
- Buttons
- Raffia
- Scissors with decorative edges

Aleene's Pet & Owner Matching Scarecrow Costumes

Use decorative edge scissors to cut patches from different fabrics and the burlap. Cut smaller ones for the doggy overalls.

Aleene's Pet & Owner Matching Scarecrow Costumes

Lay out patches on each set of overalls to your liking, then glue in place with Fabric Fusion. Tip: use a thin line of glue around backs of patches, or you can even use a paintbrush to evenly brush a thin layer of glue over entire patch. Too much glue can oversaturate the fabric and cause adhesion issues.

Glue buttons onto patches and let dry.

Aleene's Pet & Owner Matching Scarecrow Costumes

Decide placement of flowers, leaves and raffia on hat and glue in place.

Aleene's Pet & Owner Matching Scarecrow Costumes

Repeat on mini straw hat. Let dry completely.

Aleene's Pet & Owner Matching Scarecrow Costumes

Tuck raffia in pockets for added effects, and glue a few faux leaves onto the overalls if desired. 

DIY Scarecrow Costumes

Your DIY Scarecrow costumes are now complete. You and your little mini me are ready to win "best duo" during the costume contest at your Halloween party!

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