Tips on How to Glue Glass

Searching for the perfect glue for glass? What if we told you that you actually have lots of options? That’s right! Whatever your glass project needs, Aleene’s has a glue for it. Check out these tips on how to glue glass to different common materials using the right kind of Aleene’s glue for your project. For DIY crafts, décor and everyday household needs, we’ve got answers on how to glue glass … and of course, the glues you need!

What you need:
- Aleene’s Glues (varies per item) 
- Glass items

1. How to Glue Glass to Glitter How to glue glass to glitter

If you dont do a lot of holiday crafting, you might not be wondering how to glue glass to glitter, but trust us, its a thing. Thats why Aleenes has a Glitter Coat Adhesive made specially for gluing glitter to glass. Its great for making your own glittery ornaments, glass luminaries, or even wine glasses! This permanent adhesive dries ultra clear and permanent, while the needlenose tip makes it easy to create fun dimensional designs. Apply it to the inside and/or outside of your glass item, then sprinkle on glitter while the glue is still wet. Let it dry, and youre ready to let your creative magic shine!

2. How to Glue Glass to Metal How to glue glass to metal

If you enjoy working with metal, at some point youre probably going to want to know how to glue glass to metal. It could be for a jewelry making project, an art project, or even embellishing a mirror with metal items like bottlecaps. Since glass and metal are two heavy-duty materials, youll need a glue thats also tough and works on a variety of surfaces. Choose Aleenes The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive to get the job done! This all-purpose, indoor/outdoor adhesive dries permanently with a super-strong hold. Make sure your glass is clean, then apply a thin coat of The Ultimate to your glass and metal items. Let the glue set up for about 2 minutes, then press together and let dry. 

3. How to Glue Glass to Fabric How to glue glass to fabric

Speaking of The Ultimate, theres a reason we named it that! Because if youve been curious about how to glue glass to a more delicate material like fabric, The Ultimate is fantastic for this kind of project too! Put away the hot glue gun and get out this industrial-strength adhesive thats also gentle enough for working with fabrics. It dries clear and fast, which is ideal when gluing on glass. And hey, an added bonus: no more hot glue gun burns!

4. How to Glue Glass to Paper How to glue glass to paper

We love crafting with paper here at Aleenes because its such an incredibly versatile material. You can make so much with it! So of course its important to know how to glue glass to paper too. While Aleenes Original Tacky Glue does have a thick, tacky formula, you can also brush it on smooth when gluing paper to glass. Use a disposable brush like a foam brush to spread an even coat of Tacky Glue onto your glass item, then press the paper in place, smoothing it out along the entire surface. Let it dry, and now youre an expert on how to glue glass to paper! 

5. How to Glue Glass to Glass How to glue glass to glass

We’ve talked about gluing more delicate materials like paper and fabric to glass, but what about how to glue glass to other glass items? Good question! With Aleene’s Glass & Bead Adhesive, of course! Gluing slick surfaces like glass together requires a quick-setting glue that can instantly grab and hold the surfaces together until they dry. Glass & Bead Adhesive was made just for that! Its thick gel formula dries clear with a permanent, industrial-strength bond, making it ideal when gluing glass to glass. Make sure your glass items are clean, then apply a small amount of Glass & Bead to each glass item. Let set 1 to 2 minutes, then press together and let dry. And now you know how to glue glass to glass!

6. How to Glue Wood to Glass How to glue wood to glass

There might come a time when you need to know how to glue glass to wood, and luckily youre reading this post, so youll know just what to do! Youll grab a tube of Aleenes DIY Craft Super Glue and youll get straight to gluing wood and glass together without worry. This industrial-strength gel adhesive works permanently on a variety of indoor and outdoor projects, making it a great option for gluing glass to wood. As with other industrial-strength adhesives, simply apply the glue to each surface, allow it to set for about 2 minutes, then press in place and let dry. So easy! 

7. How to Glue Glass Temporarily How to glue glass temporarily

We get it. Sometimes, you just want a temporary hold for your projects. Sometimes you want to tack something up on a window or mirror, then take it down later when youre over it. Weve got you covered. Knowing how to glue glass temporarily is easier than you think with Aleenes Stick & Restick! This sticky glue offers a temporary hold for your projects so you can tack them up and take them down whenever you feel like. This glue is a little bit different in the sense that you actually want it to dry before sticking items onto your glass. Apply, let dry, tack on embellishments. Then just peel it off each surface when youre done. No extra tricks needed!

8. How to Glue Glass with True Snow How to glue glass with True Snow

Okay Christmas crafters, this ones for you! Aleenes True Snow has been a holiday favorite for, well, a long time. You can use it to create billowy snow effects on tree ornaments, gift jars, glass luminaries and more. This fluffy glue product can also be tinted with acrylic paints and used for art projects and other crafts outside of the holiday season. It works on most hard surfaces (like glass) and is great for creating texture, no matter how youre using it. Simply apply using a brush, sponge or palette knife, and let dry. However you decide to apply it to your glass projects, you now know how to glue glass with True Snow! 

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