How To Make Flower Pens with Felt & Foam Glue

The only thing better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers is one that’s functional too! This clever craft from Ivy Pink Made turns pens into a colorful pot of flowers with sheets of foam and Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue. Check out the tutorial to see how to make flower pens in the easiest way with just a few craft supplies. This project is a fun option for adding some personality to your desk or your child’s learning space, or giving as a gift for teachers and others who always need to have a pen handy!

What you need:
Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue
- Pack of pens
- Foam sheets in desired colors
- Floral wire 
- Floral tape
- Black beans (dried)
- Small flowerpot or mug
- Pens
- Scissors

Step 1 Flower pen supplies

Ready to learn how to make flower pens? First choose foam sheets in whichever colors you’d like to use for your flowers! Basic pens will also work great for this project, since you’ll be covering most of each pen with floral tape.

Step 2 Cut out flowers and leaves from foam

Cut out flowers and leaves from the foam sheets. Youll want to cut pieces of varying sizes that you can layer for each flower, as well as two leaf shapes per leaf (for gluing back-to-back).

Step 3 Cut wires the length of the pen

Measure and cut two wires the length of the pen. One wire will be for the flower and one will be for the leaf. Do this for each flower pen you will be making.

Step 4 Glue wires in between foam pieces

To create the flowers, stick one end of one of the wires through the base foam flower piece and swirl the end so it stays in place (and wont slip back through the base piece). Use Felt & Foam Tacky Glue to glue the other foam flower layers in place on top of the wire and base. Sandwich the other wire between two foam leaf pieces and glue the leaves together to hold the wire in place. Repeat for all flowers and leaves, and let dry. 

Step 5 Attach flower and leaf with floral tape

Once the flowers and leaves have dried, align the wire with the flower along one side of a pen, making sure the flower part sits on top of the pen base. Wrap floral tape around the pen and wire, starting under the flower piece. When you get about halfway down the pen, align the wire with the leaf on the other side of the pen and continue wrapping tape around the pen and wire. Trim any excess wire as needed.

Step 6 Arrange flower pens in pot

When all of the flower pens are complete, fill your flowerpot or mug with dried black beans for the soil. The beans will hold the pens in place. Arrange the flower pens in the pot to your liking to form a colorful arrangement!  

Step 7 Easy Foam Flower Pens

Wasnt that easy? Now you know how to make flower pens! This easy project is also kid friendly, so encourage your little ones to let their creativity bloom. What other foam projects are you cultivating with Aleenes Felt & Foam Tacky Glue? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!