Make Pressed Flower Bookmarks with Aleene's Craft Glaze

What exactly is Aleene’s Craft Glaze? Is it a glue? Is it a sealer? Can it be used for embossing? What about jewelry making? Photos? The answer to all of these questions is: YES! Aleene’s Craft Glaze is an ultra-clear adhesive that can be used for creating clear or tinted dimensional designs, or to coat and seal projects with a hard, glass-like finish. Its versatility makes it a must-have for your stash of craft glues! Read on to see how to use Aleene’s Craft Glaze and get inspired to make your own pressed flower art with it.

What you need:
Aleene’s Craft Glaze
- Cardstock bookmark or tag
- Dried, pressed flowers 
- Tassels
- Flat-bristled paintbrush

Step 1 Flower tag supplies

For this tutorial were using dried flowers and bookmarks/tags, but you can easily use these techniques for creating different kinds of projects, like jewelry, photos, wood projects, embossed/dimensional designs and other paper crafts.

Step 2 Apply Craft Glaze to project surface

Since thin layers work best when working with Craft Glaze (its not meant to be used for thick applications), for this paper craft well start by squeezing out some Craft Glaze onto the surface of the tag.

Step 3 Smooth out adhesive over tag

Next use a flat-bristled brush to smooth out the adhesive over the surface of the tag.

Step 4 Press dried flowers onto wet adhesive

While the glue is still wet, press the dried flowers onto the tag where ever you like!

Step 5 Apply another coat of Craft Glaze

Once youre happy with your arrangement, youll want to seal it! Apply another coat of Craft Glaze over the top of the floral design.

Step 6 Smooth Craft Glaze over the top to seal

Use your flat brush to smooth the adhesive over the top of the entire tag to seal and create a faux-enamel look. You could also tint the Craft Glaze by mixing it with acrylic paint before brushing it on, or even mix with glitter or beads for added texture, color and sparkle!

Step 7 Let dry before using

Let your project dry completely before attaching the tassels. If you want to create any extra embossed effects, you can apply Craft Glaze straight from the needlenose tip to create dots or other fun dimensional designs! We dont know about you, but were feeling more inspired to pick up a good book and do some reading with our fancy new bookmarks.

Step 8 Floral Bookmarks

And thats how to use Aleenes Craft Glaze. Pretty easy, right? What else are you inspired to make with Craft Glaze? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share what youre making!