Aleene’s Logo Through the Years

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue has been the glue of choice for generations of crafters, hobbyists, and households since its inception in the 1950s. In the 70+ years since Aleene Jackson created her signature Tacky Glue, a lot has changed— including the iconic Aleene’s logo!

Original Aleene's logo

Aleene's Glues are Created

The original Aleene’s logo was created in 1950, when Aleene was beginning her journey in the floral industry. Thanks to her business-savvy nature, Aleene quickly made a name for herself with her own floral supply store where she offered classes on flower crafts, arrangements, and more; she also hosted weekly television segments and had features in publications for her crafts! 

Aleene's Second Logo

Aleene's The Gold Standard of Adhesives

When she couldn’t find an adhesive that met her expectations, the innovative Aleene created one herself— originally called “Glue d’Aleene”— and began to use it in her craft classes. The glue became so popular that she started bottling and selling it, eventually modifying the name to “Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.” She chose the gold bottle that is still used today to reflect the premium quality of its contents – the gold standard of adhesives.

Aleene's Logo in 2015

Aleene's Logo in 2015

What started out as one all-purpose craft glue is now a collection of over 60 unique adhesive products, including fabric glues, industrial-strength adhesives, spray sealers, and more! As the company expanded over the years, the logo has also changed to reflect the growth of Aleene’s brand. The Aleene's logo has gone through many transformations over the years. Each time we make a change, we are looking to address the evolving tastes and needs of the crafting community.

Aleene's Logo in 2023

Aleene's Today

With our new 2023 look, our goal is to embrace the modernization of the crafting industry while still honoring the rich history of Aleene’s legacy. The colors used in our recent rebrand are reminiscent of Tacky Glue’s signature gold bottle— solidifying the message that Aleene’s is the gold standard of craft adhesives. 

Although much has changed since the 50s, the quality of Aleene’s has not. From that first gold bottle of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue to today’s variety of more than 60 unique adhesive options, every Aleene’s product is formulated to deliver premium quality and performance. 

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