DIY Changeable Household Chores List with Removable Adhesive

Whose turn is it to do dishes and who’s supposed to fold laundry? Make it easy to keep your family chores organized with a household chores list you can update each week! Handmade Charlotte shows you how to use the Tack-It Method to create a glittery chore chart on plexiglass that doubles as a sparkling creative display. And by making your own changeable chore cards with Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over, it’ll be a cinch to swap them out for different family members on different days!  

What you need:
Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over
- Plexiglass sheet in desired size
- Large soft-bristled paintbrush 
- Holographic glitter in desired color
- Vinyl alphabet stickers
- Ruler
- Masking tape/washi tape
- Colored paper or cardstock
- Laminating pouches
- Scissors
- Plastic tablecloth
- Plastic cup or bowl
- Stir stick

Step 1 Mix 1:1 ratio of glue and water

Before getting started on your DIY household chores list, protect your work surface with a plastic tablecloth for easy cleanup. In a plastic dish, mix 1 tablespoon of Tack-It Over & Over with 1 tablespoon of water and use a stir stick to thoroughly mix.

Step 2 Brush mixture onto plexiglass

Place your plexiglass panel on your work surface and make sure its clean and free from dust and prints. Use a large soft-bristled brush to brush the Tack-It/water mixture over the entire panel. Need more? Mix up the extra amount that you need using a 1:1 ratio. Let it dry completely; it should feel tacky to the touch when dry.

Step 3 Sprinkle glitter over tacky surface

Once the plexiglass is dry and has a nice tacky texture, sprinkle glitter over the tacky surface of your soon-to-be sparkling household chores list.

Step 4 Press and smooth glitter over surface

Use your hand to press and smooth the glitter onto the tacky surface of the plexiglass. You can save any remaining glitter for future use!

Step 5 Flip plexiglass over

Once youve smoothed glitter over the tacky side, flip the plexiglass panel over so the slick surface is now on top. Its time to turn your glittered plexiglass into a proper household chores list!

Step 6 Apply name stickers to panel

Use a ruler and tape to help divide the panel into even sections one section per name. Apply your vinyl stickers onto the panel, spelling out each persons name. 

Step 7 Create chore cards

To make the chore cards for your household chores list, print each chore onto colored paper and laminate. You can use non-heated laminating pouches or a heated laminator if you have one. Cut out each chore so it becomes its own card. 

Step 8: Apply Tack-It Over to chore cards

To tack the chore cards onto your household chores list, you can either make your own glue dots with Tack-It Over & Over and use them to tack up and change around the cards, or you can apply and smooth Tack-It Over & Over directly onto the backs of the laminated cards. Once dry, you can tack them up on the plexiglass panel and move them around each week! 

Step 9 Glittery Household Chores List

And now you have a sparkly household chores list that shines with organization and responsibility or at least some color and creativity. The rest is up to your crew! What other ways are you using the Tack-It Method to create cool stuff? Tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us! 

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