DIY Clay for Kids with Tacky Glue

Keep your kids entertained all day with DIY clay! This tutorial from Craft Box Girls will show you how to make homemade modeling clay with just 3 ingredients: cornstarch, Tulip Soft Fabric Paints, and Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. This family-friendly project is perfect for kids of any age— let them mix up their own clay, then have fun crafting and creating!

What you need:

Step 1 Materials for Clay

Making your own DIY clay is super easy! Use your measuring cups to measure a 2:1 ratio of cornstarch to Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. For this project, Craft Box Girls used 1 cup of cornstarch and ½ cup of Tacky Glue.

Step 2 Mix DIY clay

Pour the glue into a disposable container and add in a few drops of Tulip Soft Fabric Paints if you want colorful DIY clay! Stir the glue and paint with a wooden craft stick, then add cornstarch and continue to mix.

Step 3 Knead DIY clay until a ball forms

Once the DIY clay starts coming together, ditch the stir stick and continue to knead the dough with your hands until a dough ball forms.

Step 4 Colorful DIY cornstarch dough with Tacky Glue

Repeat the previous steps to create different colors of clay. Its that easy to create your own DIY clay from cornstarch and Tacky Glue! 

What will you create with your own DIY clay? Show us your crafts and tag us on social media @AleenesDIY!

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