DIY Conversation Heart Banner for Valentine's Day

Conversation hearts are a staple of Valentine's Day for people of all ages, and these colorful candies can provide a lot of inspiration for DIY projects! This unique DIY conversation heart banner made out of felt is the perfect, simple way to decorate for Valentine's Day this year with Aleene's Fabric Fusion Glue and unique sayings drawn with Tulip paint. Try copying popular sayings from conversation heart candies, or choose more personal sayings for your friends and family!

diy conversation heart banner with aleene's
What you need:


Step 1: Fold a piece of felt in half.

Step 2: Use a template or free-hand drawing a heart about 4 inches wide and cut it out so that you have two identical pieces.

Step 3: Repeat with all desired colors, using the same template for all.

Step 4: Lay out the hearts in the desired color pattern and separate the tops/bottoms.

Step 5: Draw a line of glue through the middle of the row and press the string on top of it.

Step 6: Add additional glue around the edges of the heart and sandwich the other piece on top.

Step 7: Use the paint to write unique conversation heart sayings on each heart and set aside to dry overnight.

Tip: In order to ensure somewhat even lettering, draw the middle letters first. This ensures the middle of the words will line up with the middle of the hearts.

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