DIY Easter Basket with Felt Flowers and Personalized Pennants

Spring into the Easter season with a cute new craft! Spruce up your kids’ Easter baskets this year with this super simple tutorial from Oh Yay Studio. Learn how to use Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Felt Adhesive with felt to create colorful flowers and personalized pennants, then adorn your DIY Easter baskets! This easy flower craft is a great way to add a custom touch to your Easter goodies! 

What you need:
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Felt Adhesive
  • Felt, assorted spring colors
  • Pencil + scrap paper
  • Wooden skewer
  • Easter basket
  • Scissors

  • Step 1 Cut textured spirals to create felt flowers

    Step 1: Cut textured spirals to create felt flowers

    Pick out a few colors and use scissors to cut out your felt flowers and foliage. Create flowers by cutting a circle out of the felt, then cut a spiral inward. Get creative and add texture to your felt flower petals by cutting the outer edge to be wavy, scalloped, fringed, or extra bumpy! If desired, cut fine fringes into a strip of felt, leaving the bottom edge intact, to create stamens for your flowers. 

    Step 2 Apply fabric glue and roll to create felt flowers

    Step 2: Apply fabric glue and roll felt creating flowers

    Run a bead of Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Felt Adhesive along the straight edge of the spiral of your flowers. Starting at the center, roll the felt into a spiral to create blooming felt flowers! Do the same for any stamens and glue to the center of the flower to create extra texture. Repeat this process with until you have a beautiful bouquet of felt flowers! 

    Step 3 DIY felt flowers and foliage with fabric glue

    Step 3: Add dimension by pinching felt together

    Add dimension to any felt leaves by applying a bead of glue at the bottom and pinching to create a fold. This step is optional, but it adds so much more life to this felt flower craft! 

    Step 4 Personalized pennants with felt and fabric glue

    Step 4: Create pennants for DIY Easter basket

    While your felt flowers are drying, start creating some personalized pennants! Cut an elongated triangle out of felt, then use a pencil and scrap paper to sketch out the measurements of each letter of your little ones’ names. Apply glue to the back of each letter and press onto the pennant to secure. Glue a skewer or wooden dowel to the back of the pennant along the short edge, then fold the felt over to wrap around the skewer. Customize your pennants with any additional embellishments as desired. 

    Step 5 Glue felt flowers into place with fabric glue

    Step 5: Glue felt flowers onto baskets

    Now it’s time to adorn your DIY Easter basket! Map out the placement of felt flowers before you start gluing them down. Once you’ve decided what goes where, apply a bit of glue to the back of each flower and press into place. Have fun with the flower placement to make a truly unique DIY Easter basket! 

    Step 6 DIY Easter basket with felt flowers

    Step 6: Fill DIY Easter baskets with goodies

    Once all the felt flowers are applied, allow your DIY Easter basket to dry completely before filling with eggs and other Easter goodies. Place the personalized pennant in the basket and get ready to gift your kids an adorable Easter basket that they’ll never forget! 

    Will you be making your own DIY Easter basket with felt flowers for your spring celebrations? Show us your custom crafts and tag us on social media @AleenesDIY!

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