DIY Father’s Day Gift: Punny Tool Box Magnets

Looking for a simple DIY Father’s Day gift that handy dads and grandpas will adore? This quick craft that’s packed with dad jokes is your key to his heart! Gather the kids and learn how to create magnets that will make Dad bust a gut with this tutorial from Oh Yay Studio. These tool box magnets are chock full of hilarious puns that any dad would be proud of!

What you need:

Step 1 Print out graphics

Print off the Punny Father’s Day PDF on your home printer. You can size the file up or down depending on how big Dad’s toolbox is or how large you want the magnets.

Step 2 (optional): Optionally, color and laminate the graphics

Theres a couple of things you can do to customize your DIY Fathers Day gift. Have the kids add a personal touch and let them color the graphics with markers, crayons, or colored pencils. You can also laminate the graphics using self-adhesive laminating sheets for extra longevity!

Step 3 Cut out graphics

Cut out your graphics, closely following along the outer border.

Step 4 Apply Magnetic Adhesive Tape

Unroll and cut off a portion of your Magnetic Adhesive Tape. Carefully peel the white backing off and place it on the back of each Fathers Day tool pun. Press down firmly to ensure that it sticks! 

Step 5 Place magnets on tool box

Your DIY Fathers Day gift is ready! Wrap them up or place them directly on Dads tool box for a fun Fathers Day surprise. 

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