DIY Photo Coasters for Father's Day

We're pretty sure every dad loves to kick up his feet and relax with his favorite cold beverage after a long day at work; this Father's Day, give him a gift to go with this relaxing pastime! A set of photo coasters featuring some of his favorite memories is sure to hit the spot, and they're so easy to make with a little help from nontoxic Aleene's Original Tacky Glue. Check out this tutorial from Norx in the Know and get ready to toast to your number one guy this Father's Day!

What you need:
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
- Wood coasters
- Dad's favorite photos
- Foam brush
- Scissors or rotary cutter

Print out photos and a Father's Day message

Print out Dad's favorite photos and even a fun Father's Day message for one of the coasters if you'd like.

Cut out photos in same shape as coaster

Cut each photo out in a shape that matches your coaster (circle, square, etc.).

Glue each photo onto a coaster

Glue each photo onto a coaster.

Brush a coat of glue over the top

To create a seal over the top, squeeze some Tacky Glue onto the coaster and use a foam brush to smooth the glue over the entire top of photo, making sure to cover all exposed areas. Since Tacky Glue dries clear, you'll have a nice seal to protect the photos once the glue dries!

DIY Photo Coasters

Once the coasters have completely dried, they're ready to wrap and give to Dad! Pair them with his favorite beverage and he'll be ready to relax with his favorite people and favorite memories this Father's Day!

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