DIY Reusable Classroom Team Labels

Whether you’re headed back to the classroom or prepping for a year of homeschool with multiple kids, having workstations set up for different activities will help keep things organized and on task. This reusable classroom team labels tutorial from Hipster Art Teacher shows you how to get your space ready for lessons and activities with the temporary tacking power of Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over. It’ll be super easy to change out your labels when you update your workstation activities!

What you need:
Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over
- Design & print program
- Laminating machine
- Scissors
- Wax paper

Step 1 Create label art using design program, then print and cut out

To create your labels, use an 8.2 x 11 inch file format and start by selecting a background pattern. Hipster Art Teacher chose a bright tie-dye background for her labels but feel free to go with whatever theme you like! Create a rectangle shape thats 8 inch W x 3 inch H and layer it on top of your background image, then choose the create clipping mask function. Select a font for your labels (make sure to choose one thats easy for your students to read) and center each label. For the team circle labels, create two circle shapes using the shape tool. The top circle should be a tint (lighter version) of the bottom circle. Choose colors that match your classroom decor! Type each team name or number in the center of each circle. Print both the rectangle labels and circle labels, and cut them out.

Step 2 Laminate labels

Laminate each label, then cut around each, leaving about ¼” of lamination around the edges. 

Step 3 Make glue dots

To make glue dots for tacking up your labels, use Tack-It Over & Over to squeeze out dots in the sizes you need on a piece of wax paper. Let them dry completely before using. The dots will appear clear once they are completely dry.

Step 4 Mount banner using glue dots

Tack your glue dots behind each label and press in place on the wall, whiteboard or student table desks to let your students know what group and station they are working with for the week! 

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