DIY Rhinestone Sunglasses with Liquid Fusion

Add some sparkle to your fun in the sun with a little help from Liquid Fusion! In this easy tutorial, Freshly Fuji will show you how to glam up your sunglasses with rhinestones for a pair with love-at-first-sight effects. Grab your glue and get ready to make it a bright, sunshiny day!

What you need:
Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive
- Sunglasses
- Toothpicks 
- Crystal rhinestones in assorted sizes
- Flower charms (optional)
- Rubbing alcohol
- Cotton balls
- Tweezers
- Wood skewers
- Paper plate
- Votive candle

Step 1 Rhinestone sunglasses supplies

We’re loving these fun heart-shaped sunglasses, but you can opt for any shape you like! Liquid Fusion is safe to use – and works great on – a variety of materials.

Step 2 Clean sunglasses with rubbing alcohol

Before getting to the glue step, clean your sunglasses with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to remove any dust, oils or prints that could prevent the glue from properly adhering.

Step 3 Create rhinestone picker with skewer and candle

Next make a custom rhinestone picker! Light your candle and let the wax start to melt and pool. Extinguish the candle and dip the pointed end of your wood skewer into the wax, slowly turning it to coat the entire tip. Remove the skewer and allow the wax to cool and harden. The wax will help you easily pick up rhinestones and transfer them to the sunglasses frame. 

Step 4 Glue charms onto frame

This step is optional, but we think its a cute addition for your frames! Apply Liquid Fusion to the top corner (or where ever you like) and use a toothpick to help smooth it out into an even layer. Press the charms into the glue and adjust if needed.

Step 5 Continue gluing charms onto frame

Repeat the process to glue charms on the other side. Or you can vary your design and glue them in another spot!

Step 6 Use waxed skewer to place rhinestones in glue

Working in small sections at a time, apply some Liquid Fusion to the frames and use a toothpick to help smooth it out into an even layer. Touch the tip of your waxed skewer to the top of a rhinestone, pick it up, and place into the glue on the frames. Continue this process, working your way around the frames. Youll likely want to vary the sizes of your rhinestones as you work, so you can cover all exposed areas of the frames.

Step 7 Let frames dry completely

Once your frames are covered in glitz and glamour, let them dry and the glue cure completely before wearing.

Step 8 Try this technique with other items

Now its time to get out there and shine! Not into rhinestones? You can use this same technique to glue other charms and items onto your sunglasses. Get creative with your customization! 

Step 9 Sparkling DIY Rhinestone Sunglasses

What other sparkling creations are you making with Liquid Fusion? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!

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