Easy Ball Maze Nature Craft

Summer is here and it’s time to put down the remote and get some fresh air for a bit! This cute nature craft from 7 Days of Play encourages kids to head outside, explore and collect creative supplies to make their very own nature-themed ball maze game. See how items like sticks, shells and pinecones can lead to even more playtime fun with a little help from Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue.

What you need:
Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
- Cardboard 
- Markers 
- Craft paint & paintbrush
- Sticks, pinecones, shells, rocks and other nature items
- Marbles or round beads

Step 1 Collect nature items and cut cardboard for base

After the kids find interesting items outside for their nature craft, gather all supplies to make the maze! You might need to cut twigs into smaller sizes, then cut one larger panel of carboard for the maze base and four strips to fit around the sides to create walls.

Step 2 Glue sides in place to create walls

Add a line of Quick Dry Tacky Glue along the entire length of each side piece and press in place around the edges of the base to form the walls.

Step 3 Decorate pieces then start gluing in place

Use markers and paints to color and create designs on the sticks, pinecones and other items as desired. Once theyre dry, its time to create your maze by gluing them to your base! Tip: Before gluing everything in place, you can practice setting up the maze to see if you like how everything is arranged.

Step 4 Create and glue handles on each side of base

Once you have all of the nature craft maze items glued in place, create handles for the sides of the base with extra strips of cardboard. Glue one on each side.

Step 5 Write START and FINISH on game base

Use a marker to write START at the beginning of the maze and FINISH at the end point.

Step 6 Use marbles or beads for game pieces

Use marbles or rounded beads for your game pieces. It doesnt matter what you use, as long as they can roll around the maze!

Step 7 Aleenes Ball Maze Nature Craft

Now that their nature craft is complete, its time to for the kids to master the maze! You can make it easier for younger children and more challenging with additional pathways and obstacles for older kids. Customize the maze however you like it! 

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