Easy DIY Glitter Fashion Ideas

Glitter is everywhere right now on faces, in beards, and even covering booties (and no, we're not talking about toddler footwear). The easiest way to show off a bit of bling, though, is by decorating your clothing and accessories. Not only will you be of the moment with your bedazzled apparel, but you'll be giving new life to your t-shirts, jeans, hats, and shoes. All you need is fabric glue, glitter or rhinestones, and your creativity. Here are 4 easy DIY glitter fashion ideas.


You can easily add sparkle to just about any of your clothes. Use a stencil to create a personalized quote or design onyour t-shirt or jacket, or pattern your items with your own freehand artwork. Another quick and easy idea is to use glitter and glitter glue to enhance your jeans with a bedazzled pocket. Simply apply an adhesive like Aleene's OK to Wash It Glue to your clothing item, sprinkle with glitter, and wait about 24 hours for the glue to dry. (As with all glue projects for clothes, make sure you place a sheet of cardboard, plastic, old magazine, or other waterproof barrier inside the clothing so the glue doesn't soak through and glue both layers of your item together.)


Glitter your entire handbag with leather glue and you'll definitely get noticed. Or add small embellishments with a few dashes of colorful sparkle and spray adhesive. Your imagination's the limit when it comes to what to glitter. And if you're about to graduate, check out how to glitter your graduation cap for a look you will never forget.


Go big or go bigger either way, adding glitter to your shoes will make a total statement. You can give your sneakers a complete glitter makeover or upgrade your sandals with one or more glittery straps. For fancier shoes, cover your heels in sequins, or make like the protagonist of Paul Simon's song Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes with, yes, glitter on the soles of your shoes.


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