Easy Recycle Project with Tacky Glue: Kids’ Bowling Set

Keep your kiddos entertained and engaged with this super simple kids’ craft! This easy recycle project from Craft Box Girls will show you how to create a DIY bowling set for kids using tin cans, craft foam, and Aleene’s Acid-Free Tacky Glue. Not only will your kids have a great time creating their favorite characters and crafting unique designs, but they’ll have a fun game to play inside and out!

What you need:
  • Aleene’s Acid-Free Tacky Glue
  • Tin cans
  • Craft foam
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Markers
  • Ball

  • Step 1 Cut craft foam to fit the tin can

    Have your kiddos dream up their favorite characters for their homemade bowling set! We recommend creating 6 to 10 pieces for this DIY bowling set, but you and your little ones can create as many as you’d like. For this recycle project, Craft Box Girls made an assortment of spooky monsters and cute creatures out of old tin cans. 

    Step 2 Wrap craft foam around can and secure with Tacky Glue

    Start this recycle project by cutting a base color of craft foam to wrap around the tin can, then cut out additional details for their characters such as hair, clothes, and accessories. Wrap the base color of craft foam around the tin can and use Acid-Free Tacky Glue to secure.

    Step 3 Secure details to the cans with Tacky Glue

    Add any additional details, such as hair, clothes, accessories, and googly eyes, to your characters and secure with Tacky Glue! 

    Step 4 Complete this recycle project by drawing on additional details

    Your recycle project is almost finished! Use markers to draw on any finishing touches to your kids DIY bowling set. Allow the glue to dry completely. 

    Step 5 Stack cans and play with your DIY bowling set

    Stack em up and get ready to play! This recycle project is a great way to have fun while still being eco-conscious. Roll the ball and try to knock down all of the cans in your kids DIY bowling set! 

    What other recycle projects will you make with Aleenes Glues? Show us your unique take on this kids bowling set and tag us on social media @AleenesDIY!

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