Easy No-Sew Tutorial: Fabric Embellished Shoes

Designing your own shoes is a total possibility these days, but it will likely cost you a pretty penny! Luckily, there are endless ways to customize a pair of kicks with your personal style that don't cost much at all. This set of fabric embellished shoes was so easy to make using bright watermelon printed fabric and Aleene's® Spray Pump Fabric Fusion ... so easy in fact, that we made a pair for little feet too! Check out the video tutorial below to get inspired to create your own set of Mommy & Me shoes ... or a set for you and your BFF ... or just several pairs for yourself!

What you need:
Aleene's Spray Pump Fabric Fusion
- Canvas sneakers
- Fabric - desired color/pattern
- Scissors
- Freezer paper
- Pencil

Aleene's Fabric Embellished Shoes
  1. Remove the shoelaces and fold down the sides to expose as much of the tongues as possible. Lay a piece of freezer paper under the tongue and trace around it to create a pattern. Make sure to leave an extra 1/4" at toe of each pattern piece.
  2. Lay pattern on fabric and cut out.
  3. Spray the backside of "toe" end of each fabric piece with Fabric Fusion Pump Spray and fold over to create a finished edge. Allow to dry.
  4. Fit each piece of fabric over tongue and trim any overlap at bottom of tongue where the fabric meets the rubber toe cap.
  5. Spray back of fabric piece with Fabric Fusion Pump Spray, and align finished edge (toe end) up against the rubber toe cap. Smooth remaining fabric over tongue. Allow to dry. Repeat on second shoe.
  6. Trim any remaining excess fabric.
  7. Repeat process for second pair of shoes.

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