Flamingo Easy DIY Halloween Costume

Birds of a feather flock to – well – to Halloween fun! This easy DIY Halloween costume from The Jamie Lynn Show turns felt and feathers into the cutest flamingo ever. And since it uses Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive, you know what that means: no sewing needed! Round up your little birdies, grab your glue and get ready to turn your home into a creative zoo this Halloween.

Step 1 Cut flamingo features and feathers from felt


Put away the needle and thread because you won’t need them for this easy DIY Halloween costume! To get started, cut out a flamingo head shape from the pink felt, then an eye shape and stripe for the beak from the black felt. Cut an additional white stripe to fit on the beak as well. Cut out small feather shapes to cover the mask. Glue the face & beak features onto the flamingo base, then glue it onto the center of the leotard.

Step 2 Glue felt feathers onto mask

Working in small sections at a time, glue the felt feathers onto the mask, layering each row for added dimension.

Step 3 Cut out beak shapes from felt

Cut out a triangular beak shape from the black felt to fit over the nose section of the mask. Cut a curved stripe from the white felt to fit along the top edge of the beak. Glue to the black beak piece, then glue in place on the mask.

Step 4 Cut boas into strips and tie to elastic

To add lots of fluffy feathers to the tutu, first cut the boas into equal lengths about 3 per boa. Measure your childs waist and cut a strip of elastic to fit. Tie the elastic at the ends to secure, then loop or tie the boas around the elastic. Glue one last strip of feathers along the bottom of the flamingo neck on the leotard. Let everything dry completely. 

Step 5 Pink flamingo costume mask

Wasn't that such an easy DIY Halloween costume? Just cutting and gluing for a pink flamingo thats cute as can be!

Step 6 Flamingo Easy DIY Halloween Costume

Even if your kiddos aren't trick-or-treating this year, they can still have a ton of Halloween fun! Get the whole crew dressed up in easy DIY Halloween costumes and celebrate in style. What costumes are you making this year with Aleenes? Tag us on social @aleenesdiy and let us know!

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