Fun Easy Halloween Costume: Astronaut

This fun easy Halloween costume from 7 Days of Play will skyrocket your child’s imagination to the moon and beyond! Using simple craft items like felt and water bottles, see how easy it is to transform into an astronaut with Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion. While this costume idea was made for children, you can easily modify it for adults too. It’s the perfect costume for aspiring space explorers of any age!

What you need:
Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion
- White long-sleeve shirt
- White leggings 
- Felt – desired colors for costume + red and yellow for rocket flames
- NASA®-themed patches
- 2 Large empty water bottles
- Spray paint in blue or desired color
- Scissors

Step 1 Choose desired felt colors for spacesuit

For this fun easy Halloween costume, your little astronaut can choose any felt colors they like to help create their spacesuit. For the rocket pack, choose fire colors to make flames!

Step 2 Cut strips of felt and glue onto shirt

From the felt color you are using for the spacesuit cuffs and suspenders, cut two strips that will fit around the wrists of the shirt, and two strips that will fit wrapped around the ankles of the leggings. Cut two longer strips that run the length of the shirt from the shoulders to the bottom hem for the suspenders. Glue all felt strips in place with Quick Dry Fabric Fusion.  

Step 3 Glue belt pieces and patches in place

For the spacesuit belt of this fun easy Halloween costume, cut two strips of a different color of felt that runs the width of the bottom of the shirt. Glue onto the front and back of shirt to form the belt. Then glue the NASA-themed patches in place. 

Step 4 Let costume pieces dry

Let all pieces dry completely.

Step 5 Cut out and glue flames

While the spacesuit portion of this fun easy Halloween costume is drying, it’s time to create the rocket pack! Begin by cutting two larger flame shapes from red felt, and two slightly smaller flame shapes from yellow felt. Glue the yellow flames centered on top of the red flames.

Step 6 Spray paint bottles and glue flames inside

Spray paint two large water bottles in your desired color for the rocket pack. Once they're dry, add Quick Dry Fabric Fusion around the tops of your flame pieces and stuff one inside each of the bottle rims. Let dry.

Step 7 Glue rocket pack straps in place

Create straps for the rocket pack by cutting two wide strips of felt that fit down the length of the water bottles. Glue each end in place on the side opposite of the fronts of flames, leaving the middle sections without glue so your child can fit their arms through. Let dry.

Step 8 Let costume completely dry before wearing

Make sure the glue completely dries and cures on this fun easy Halloween costume before your little space explorer puts it on. They'll be so excited to wear their new spacesuit!

Step 9 Fun easy Halloween costume

Your child (or maybe even YOU) will have a blast wearing this fun easy Halloween costume! 

Step 10 Easy kids astronaut costume

They can even wear it after Halloween to transform into an astronaut any time they feel like sending their imagination into orbit!

Step 11 Easy spacesuit costume

What fun easy Halloween costumes are you making this year with Aleenes glues? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and let us know!

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