How to Glue Patches on Stretchy Loungewear with Fabric Glue

Most of us are living in loungewear these days, and we can’t say we’re mad about it. Who doesn’t love being comfortable?! But that doesn’t mean we don’t want our loose, stretchy clothes to also be cute. One quick and easy way to give our comfy clothing fun new flair is with patches; and before you tell us you don’t know how to sew patches on clothing, we’ll tell you that you don’t have to know! Crafterward will show you how to glue patches on loose, stretchy clothing with Aleene’s Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue.

What you need:
- Aleene’s Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue
- Loungewear
- Patches 

Step 1 How to glue patches on loungewear

To take your loungewear from simple to simply amazing, you only need your favorite patches and a bottle of Flexible Stretchable Permanent Fabric Glue. This glue was designed specifically for stretchy clothing like dancewear, loungewear, knits and more. So you never have to worry about it drying stiff and making your wearables uncomfortable or awkward!

Step 2 Prewash and dry clothing

Before getting started, make sure youve washed and dried your loungewear without fabric softener (especially if its brand new). New clothing has a chemical called sizing on it that can prevent proper adherence of the glue (and fabric softener can do the same thing).

Step 3 Glue patches in place

Lay out the patches on your loungewear to decide where you'd most like them to be. Apply Flexible Stretchable to the back of each patch and press in place on the garment. Let dry completely for about 24 hours. Tip: If you're working with a fitted garment that is stretchy, it helps to place cardboard or something inside the garment to help stretch out the fabric while you glue on the embellishments, so the glue penetrates the fibers properly.

Step 4 Custom loungewear with patches

Once dry, you can put on your loungewear and take it easy in style! Now that you know how to glue patches onto loungewear, what else will you do with Aleenes Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue? We'd love to see what you're making, so tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!

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