How to Glue Puzzle Pieces

Is your favorite puzzle showing some wear and tear? You know, when the image on the puzzle is warped and peeling from the actual cardboard. This makes it harder to complete the puzzle and just doesn’t look good! Don’t worry, Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue makes it almost effortless to get your puzzle looking brand new again. Here are a few simple steps on how to glue puzzle pieces:

What you need:
How to Glue Puzzle Pieces
  1. Identify the pieces that need fixing. Pull them from the bunch and set them on a protected surface such as wax paper or a plastic tablecloth.

How to Glue Puzzle Pieces 2. Gently lift the warped paper from the puzzle backing and apply a small amount of Original Tacky Glue to the backing. Tip: You can also use a paintbrush to brush Tacky Glue onto the backing in one smooth layer. How to Glue Puzzle Pieces 3. Gently press the paper back in place over the glue and clean up any glue that has pressed out onto the sides with a paper towel. Let dry.  How to Glue Puzzle Pieces

4.Let the pieces set for about 30-40 minutes before using. Have fun with your good-as-new puzzle!

Here's a fun idea, grab a piece of cardboard that the entire puzzle can fit on. As you're putting the pieces together, glue them to the cardboard using the Tacky Glue. It can then be hung up or put in a frame and displayed as a cool art piece.



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