How to Make Fake Snow and Christmas Countdown Decor with Aleene's Glues

‘Tis the season to count down to Christmas! Follow this holiday how-to from Craft Box Girls and learn how to make your own papier mâché Christmas advent calendar display with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Want to know how to make fake snow for your Christmas décor? Add even more winter wonderland magic to this Christmas countdown village with Aleene’s True Snow & Glitter Snow! This snowy craft is the perfect way to count down to the most wonderful time of the year! 

What you need:

  • Step 1 Cut cardboard and glue to create house base.

    Cut the shape of the sides of the house and a piece for the opposite that will stretch the entire distance of the house and roof out of cardboard. Use the wood block as the base for your house. Do these for each one of your houses or how many days you plan to countdown. Use the Tacky Glue to glue the cardboard to the block and create the base of the house.

    Step 2 Create papier mch adhesive mixture

    Pour 1 part Aleenes Original Tacky Glue and 1 part water into a plastic cup. Stir with a craft stick until thoroughly mixed. This is the papier mch adhesive for your DIY Christmas advent calendar display!

    Step 3 Apply papier mch to house base

    Pour the papier mch adhesive onto a paper plate for easy access. Cut strips of thin white craft paper, then dip each strip of craft paper in the adhesive mixture, making sure it fully soaks the sheets.  

    Lay the papier mch strips on the house and use your finger to smooth and eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles. Repeat until the entire house is covered, and let dry completely. Once your papier mch houses have dried completely, paint them with acrylic paint.

    Step 4 Use Aleene's best glue for how to make fake snow

    This Christmas dcor wouldnt be complete without some snow! Heres how to make fake snow for your Christmas countdown display: open up a tub of Aleenes True Snow or Glitter Snow and use a craft stick to apply the snow glue! Its super easy to get fluffy, snowy texture with Aleenes. 

    You can turn your countdown village into hangable ornaments, too! Take a piece of twine or string and tie it in a loop, then secure it to the top of the house with some snow glue. 

    Step 5 Decorate papier mch houses with Puff Paint

    Use Tulip Puff Paint to decorate your papier mch Christmas countdown display! Customize each house with a countdown number and other holiday designs. 

    Step 6 Papier Mch Christmas Advent Calendar Display

    Let your decorated papier mch houses dry completely, then your Christmas advent calendar village is ready to display. Hang each ornament on the tree as you count down to Christmas!

    Will you create your own Christmas advent calendar with Aleenes to count down to the holidays? Thanks to our snow glues, its easy to learn how to make fake snow-covered dcor! Show us your Christmas dcor DIYs and tag us on social media @AleenesDIY!

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