How to Make Retro Disco Décor with Mirror Tiles

Add some sparkle to your space with DIY disco décor! This retro-inspired project by Lucero will show you how to turn a plain plastic container into a disco die vase with mirror tiles, rhinestones, and Aleene’s DIY Craft Heavy Duty Adhesive. Bring the dazzling charm of the ‘70s into your home and make your own disco decorations with Aleene’s!

Supplies needed:

Aleene’s DIY Craft Heavy Duty Adhesive

Plastic container

Mirror tile sheets



Ruler (optional) 

Step 1: Gather materials

Materials for DIY disco décor

 Gather the materials needed for your DIY disco décor. For this project, Lucero is using a cube-shaped plastic container to turn into a glamorous disco die! Make sure you have enough mirror tile sheets to cover your container entirely.

Step 2: Trim mirror tile sheets

Use scissors to trim mirror tile sheets

Measure your mirror tile sheets and trim as necessary to fit your container. All 4 sides of the container should be completely covered in shiny disco mirror tiles.

Step 3: Apply glue  

Apply Aleene’s DIY Craft Heavy Duty Adhesive onto container

Some mirror tile sheets include an adhesive backing, but we’re using Aleene’s DIY Craft Heavy Duty Adhesive for a super strong, permanent bond! Carefully peel off the paper backing from your mirror tile sheets and apply glue onto one side of the container.

Step 4: Place mirror tile sheets

Place mirror tile sheets onto container

Place the mirror tile sheet onto the glued area and press firmly to secure into place. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to attach mirror tiles to each side of the container. Ensure the edges are aligned when using multiple mirror tile sheets for a seamless result! 

Step 5: Embellish with rhinestones

Embellish your disco décor with rhinestones

 For this disco decoration, Lucero is using pink heart-shaped rhinestones for pips on each die face. Arrange the rhinestones on each side, apply a small amount of adhesive to the back of the rhinestones, and press firmly into place.

Step 6: Display! 

Disco die vase made with Aleene’s DIY Craft Heavy Duty Adhesive

Allow the glue to cure completely, then your DIY disco décor is ready to display! This dazzling vase is a great way to add playful, retro vibes to any space. Make a second container for a complete pair of disco dice!

What other disco decorations will you create with mirror tiles and Aleene’s adhesives? Show us your sparkling projects and tag us on social media @aleenesDIY! 

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