Peanut Butter Slime Recipe

Mmmmmm ... peanut butter!!! Peanut butter is one of those foods that is delicious on just about everything (because peanut butter itself is delicious!) ... sandwiches ... celery ... apples ... chocolate ... okay you get the point. And since peanut butter is amazing, Peanut Butter Slime has to be too, right?! We decided to put it to the test and make our own Peanut Butter Slime recipe. Check out our video to see how it turned out, and remember, even though this slime looks like peanut butter - and is even nontoxic - it's not edible, so don't let the kiddos put it in their mouths. Just get a spoonful of the real stuff to satisfy the craving everyone will undoubtedly have after whipping up a batch of Peanut Butter Slime!

What you need:
Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue® 8 oz.
- ¼ tbsp. unscented lotion, plus some extra
- ¼ tsp. baking soda
- 2 Tbsp. contact lens solution
1 oz. Daiso Japan® Soft Clay in brown
- ¼ tsp. peanut butter skin-safe fragrance
- Bowl
- Mixing spoon

Aleene's Peanut Butter Slime Recipe
  1. Pour the entire 8 fl. oz. bottle of Tacky Glue into a mixing bowl.
  2. Add baking soda and lotion, then mix thoroughly.
  3. Slowly add contact lens solution 1 Tbsp. at a time while stirring. 
  4. Continue stirring until slime forms.
  5. Knead in soft clay and peanut butter fragrance.
  6. If the slime is not soft enough, add 3/8 tsp. of lotion.
  7. Enjoy your Peanut Butter Slime. Remember: DO NOT EAT!

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