Quick and Easy Tassel Rug with Fabric Glue

Rugs are a great way to add color, style and comfort to our spaces, but have you ever priced them out? They can be expensive! Save your budget by giving an old rug you already have new life, or upgrading a simple one you snagged on discount with some special additions. In this tutorial, Mikyla Creates will show you how to add fringe and tassels to a rug using Aleene’s Stop Fraying Permanent Fabric Adhesive. It’s a quick and easy way to affordably update your rugs –with no sewing needed!

What you need:
Aleene’s Stop Fraying Permanent Fabric Glue
- Rug
- Tassel trim 
- Fringe trim
- Scissors

Step 1 Tassel rug supplies For this rug DIY, Mikyla decided to layer two different trims – fringe and tassel – for added interest and texture. For your rug you can do the same, or use just one kind of trim, or experiment with others!
Step 2 Apply Stop Fraying to trims

Measure and cut the trims to fit along the sides of the rug youll be adding them to. (You can do all sides or just opposite sides.) Apply a small amount of Stop Fraying to each end of the cut trims to help prevent them from fraying in the future. (This could happen with any wear and tear over time when moving your rug, vacuuming or walking across it.) Let dry.

Step 3 Apply first layer of trim

Next flip the rug over so the underside is facing up (since youll be gluing the trim to the underside edge). Apply a line of Stop Fraying along the edge of the rug and press the first trim in place over the glue. Repeat this for all of the sides you are applying trim to. Tip: If you are applying two trims like Mikyla, make sure the trim you want on top when the rug is right side up is the first trim you glue in place.

Step 4 Apply second trim

For your second trim (if adding), apply Stop Fraying over the top of the base edge of the first trim, or directly behind it on the rug. Press the second layer of trim in place over the glue. Let dry completely before flipping the rug back over.

Step 5 DIY Tassel Rug

Didn't we say it would be easy to update a rug with trim? So simple, and so fabulous, right?

Step 6 Quick & Easy Tassel Rug with Fabric Glue

Were pretty certain everyone in the family will love your new tassel rug,even your furry family members! How would you update a rug with Aleenes? Make sure to share with us on social by tagging us @aleenesdiy!

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