Rocket Ship Space Craft

Looking for an activity that’ll send your kids’ creativity out into orbit? This rocket ship space craft will inspire them to blast off into hours of play! Fun to make and fun to fly, 7 Days of Play shows you how to turn paper towel tubes into any aspiring astronaut’s new favorite toy. All you need is nontoxic Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue and a few supplies you probably already have around the house. Get ready for space craft action in 3 … 2 … 1 …

What you need:
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
- 2 Paper towel tubes (per rocket ship)
- Acrylic paint 
- Paintbrushes
- Cardboard
- Craft papers (desired colors)
- Tissue papers (desired colors)
- Aluminum foil
- Scissors

Step 1 Rocket Ship Space Craft supplies

Gather your supplies and get your little crew of space explorers ready for a new adventure with this easy space craft! If you're worried about any messes, you can always cover your work surface with a disposable plastic cover before getting started. Original Tacky Glue cleans up easily with soap and water before it dries!

Step 2 Paint one of the paper towel tubes

Paint one of the paper towel tubes in your desired base color

Step 3 Cut second tube into 4 sections

While the first paper towel tube is drying, cut the second tube into four sections. Do this by first cutting the tube vertically to open it, then into four equal-sized pieces.

Step 4 Roll into smaller tubes and glue

Roll each of the four sections of tube into smaller tubes and glue the end of each to hold in place. Let dry. These will be the rocket thrusters.

Step 5 Paint thrusters black

Paint each thruster black and let dry.

Step 6 Cut and merge cardboard squares for base

Cut two squares of cardboard for the rocket base. Cut a slit into the center of each square and merge them at the slits to form an X shape.

Step 7 Trim corners of base to create curved edges


Step 8 Paint rocket base

Paint the rocket base in your desired color and let dry.

Step 9 Glue craft paper to foil and cut circles

To make the top of the rocket and a window for the rocket, glue a piece of craft paper to a piece of foil. Cut two circles from this, one larger for the top and a smaller-sized circle for the window.

Step 10 Form cone shape for top of rocket

To form the top of the rocket, cut a slit halfway into the larger circle and wrap the sides around until a cone shape with a pointy tip forms. Glue the sides in place.

Step 11 Glue cone to top of rocket

Glue the foil cone in place on the top of the rocket tube.

Step 12 Glue base and thrusters in place

Make 4 evenly spaced cuts at the bottom of the rocket tube and secure the rocket base inside. Glue each of the thruster tubes inside of each chamber at the base.

Step 13 Glue tissue paper flames to base

Cut stripes of tissue paper to resemble flames and glue to the inside edges of thrusters, tailing out the back of the rocket.

Step 14 Finish decorating rocket

Finish decorating the rocket body any way you like! Let everything completely dry before takeoff!

Step 15 Aleenes Rocket Ship Space Craft

This space craft will give your kiddos hours of exploration and imaginative play. Make rockets of all different kinds and discover a whole new world of creativity!

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