Tips on How to Glue Ceramics

If you’ve ever broken your favorite mug, you’re going to want to pay attention to this post. (We’ve pretty much all been in this situation.) How to glue ceramics back together is a common question, and need, especially when we’re trying to save our favorite things! So if you’re wondering how to glue ceramics to other ceramic items, or other materials, we have answers, and we also have the glues to make it happen. Whether you’re crafting, making your own décor or repairing your favorite ceramic items, keep reading to discover the perfect glues for your project.

What you need:
  • Aleene’s Glues (varies per item)
  • Ceramic items

  • 1. How to Glue Ceramics to Fabric How to glue ceramics to fabric

    You may have never wondered how to glue ceramics to fabric before; we get it, it’s not the most common question, but it still needs an answer! These fun terra cotta pots decorated with lace is a perfect example of why you’d want to know how to glue ceramics to fabric. The answer is with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue! This incredibly versatile, all-purpose glue is nontoxic and grabs items on contact. A project like this is also great for kids, and Original Tacky Glue is safe and easy for crafters of any age and skill level.

    2. How to Glue Ceramics to Clay How to glue ceramics to clay

    Oven-bake clay is fun and easy to work with to create a variety of cool crafts. You dont have to have a kiln or any special glazes and products for your creations like youd need for ceramics! But you still might want to know how to glue ceramics to clay; there are so many things you can create, like your very own ring dishes. A great glue with industrial-strength holding power thats strong enough for ceramics and gentle enough for clay, is Aleenes The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive. Simply add a small amount of glue to each surface, let it set up for about two minutes, then press each item together and let dry.

    3. How to Glue Ceramics to Glass How to glue ceramics to glass

    Lots of people enjoy making their own mosaics or mosaic-inspired creations for tables, benches, stairs or pretty pieces of art you can hang up on display! This type of project requires knowing how to glue ceramics to glass. If your project will be indoors and protected from the elements, a glue like Aleenes Original Tacky Glueworks great; especially if children will be crafting with it! (Original Tacky Glue is nontoxic and cleans up easily with water before it dries.) For an outdoor solution, The Ultimate (mentioned above), is UV-resistant and waterproof. And just like that, now you have the solutions for how to glue ceramics to glass!

    4. How to Glue Ceramics to Ceramics How to glue ceramics to ceramics

    Whether you’re making your own Kintsugi ceramic art or you’re looking for the right adhesive for gluing the handle back onto your favorite mug, you’ll need the details on how to glue ceramics back together, or how to glue ceramics to other ceramic items. Aleene’s Glass & Bead Adhesive is your go-to glue for this kind of project. This quick-setting industrial glue has a thick gel formula that instantly grabs slick surfaces like a lot of ceramics have, and dries with a permanent, incredibly strong bond. Add a small amount of this glue to each surface, allow to set up for one to two minutes, then press in place. After the glue has cured, your ceramic item is as good as new! Or maybe even better!

    5. How to Glue Ceramics to Wood How to glue ceramics to wood

    Knowing how to glue ceramics to wood will come in handy if you like working with wood crafts, or even if youre experimenting with your creative side and making something like your own cake stand. We keep talking about The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive in this post, and theres a good reason why! Its formulated to work with an industrial-strength bond on a wide variety of materials. Thats why we named it The Ultimate! So if youve been wondering how to glue ceramics to wood or to glue items made of different materials in general, pick up a tube of this hardworking, versatile adhesive and get to gluing!

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