Glitter Snow Mason Jars

It wouldn’t be an old-fashioned country Christmas without a Mason jar craft! What makes these jars special are the snowy effects created with Aleene’s® Glitter Snow! Spread it around the top of the jar like frosting for a cool wintry result. Then dress them up with natural accents like pinecones, twine, greenery and more. Add a little more snow on your accents for the picture-perfect holiday finishing touches.

What you need:
Aleene’s® Glitter Snow®
Aleene’s® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive 
- Various sized Mason jars
- Miniature pine cones
- Assorted holiday embellishments (pine twigs, small ornaments, berries, twine, etc.)
- Craft sticks

Snow Mason Jars
  1.      Use craft stick to apply Glitter Snow to tops of jars. Allow to dry.
  2.      Use Ultimate Adhesive to attach desired embellishments to jars. Allow to dry.
  3.      Use craft stick to apply additional Glitter Snow to attached embellishments. Allow to dry.

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