What is Craft Glue?

Craft glue is any water-based adhesive that can be used for crafting projects such as school art projects, simple fix-its, and hobbies including making slime. Basically any quick-drying, non-industrial glues can be considered craft glues. Often times craft glues are white glues and clean up easily with soap and water; many are nontoxic, making them great for kids' crafting projects.

craft glue

Craft glues can come in liquid or solid (stick) form and can be used to affix materials like paper, wood, plastic, foam, and even fabric. Metal glue can be used to create or repair jewelry; other glues for metal can affix metal to wood for repairing or decorating furniture, as well as for creating artwork. Fabric adhesives like permanent fabric glue and washable fabric gluecan help revamp an entire wardrobe, enabling no-sew enthusiasts and DIY designers alike to create unique, custom fashion pieces.

Tacky Glue's uses are extremely varied thanks to its nontoxic formula and clear finish when dry. It also tacks faster and dries faster than other crafting glues, is super reliable (this adhesive has been around for 50 years and counting, after all), and dries super strong and permanent.

Craft glue is all the rage right now, with trends like DIY slime popping up. And Tacky Glue is a primary ingredient of slime! Find out how to make your own tacky slime in just minutes.


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