Yarn Glue Pumpkins

Are you a yarn collector? Do you have a secret stash of autumnal yarn and looking for any excuse to use it? Have no fear – glue pumpkins are here!

What you need:
-Aleene's Original Tacky Glue 4 fl. oz.

- Yarn (oranges for pumpkin + green for the stem)
-Wax paper
-Tray or cookie sheet
-Jar or container with 4 fl. oz of water
-Plastic spoon

Yarn Glue Pumpkins Pour the entire 4 fl. oz bottle of Tacky Glue into the jar of water. The whole bottle! Let it sit for two minutes.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins After letting the glue loosen up in the water for a couple of minutes, use the spoon to blend them together. The final result will be the consistency of very heavy whipping cream.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins Cut yarn into one yard lengths. Each pumpkin will need at least nine yards, but you can add more if you like.   Yarn Glue Pumpkins Dip the yarn into glue mixture use the spoon to fish it out.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins Use your fingers to arrange the yarn into a loose pile on the wax paper. Indent the top slightly to mimic the shape of a pumpkin.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins Take a spoonful of the glue mixture and pour it evenly over the surface.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins Let the pumpkins dry overnight. In humid areas, add a fan to help the pumpkins along. You will know they are dry when the glue is clear.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins Tear away the excess wax paper from behind the yarn.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins Thread one yard of green yarn through the eye of a needle and insert through the top of the pumpkin.  Yarn Glue Pumpkins Tie off the green stem and hang your pumpkin with pride! Yarn Glue Pumpkins Because they are transparent, the pumpkins look especially neat when displayed on a window. 

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