3 Ways to Upcycle Fabrics with Lace and Fabric Glue

Give your fabrics an instant update with lace! Whether you’re trying to cover a stain, make something new again, or you just want to add a special touch, lace is a versatile option that looks so lovely. Even better, you don’t have to know how to sew to add it to your fabrics; you just need Aleene’s OK To Wash-It! This permanent fabric glue dries clear, flexible and washable, making it perfect for fabric items we use and wear every day. Craft Box Girls will show you three easy, creative ideas for upcycling your fabrics with lace and OK To Wash-It!

What you need:
 Aleene’s OK To Wash-It
- Apron
- Fabric gift bag 
- Placemats
- Lace trims of choice
- Lace fabric sheets of choice
- Ribbon
- Scissors

Step 1 Wash and iron placemats

Before getting started on your placemats upcycle project, make sure the placemats are washed (if they’re brand new) and ironed smooth.

Step 2 Cut lace to fit top and bottom

Measure and cut lace ribbon/trim to fit along the tops and bottoms of your placemats. 

Step 3 Glue lace in place

Add a line of OK To Wash-It along the edge of the placemat and press the ribbon in place. Depending on how wide your ribbon is, you might want to add glue to the underside of the top of the ribbon as well. Let dry completely.

Step 4 Upcycled Placemats with Lace

Once the glue is dry, your upcycled placemats are ready to impress guests at your next dinner party!

Step 5 Cut and layer lace sheets

To upcycle a fabric gift bag with lace sheets, cut the sheets (if needed) to fit the width of the bag. For this project, youll want to layer several sheets along the length of your bag.

Step 6 Glue lace in place on bag

Once youre happy with the placement of the lace sheets, glue each in place on the bag.

Step 7 Glue ribbon to the top of lace

Cut a strand of ribbon to finish the top edge of the lace and glue in place. Let everything dry completely.

Step 8: Lace Upcycled Gift Bag

Your upcycled lace gift bag will be the prettiest at the party! We wouldnt be surprised if it gets opened first!

Step 9 Apron upcycle idea

Sometimes all you need is just a touch of lace to make something new again! A simple strand of lace can make a pretty apron pretty fabulous. 

Step 10: Glue lace in place on apron

Measure and cut a strand of lace to fit along the length of the waist and apron ties, then simply glue in place on your apron with OK To Wash-It. Let dry completely.

Step 11 Lace Apron Upcycle

Now that you have a fabulous apron to wear, its time to whip up something creative in the kitchen!

Step 12 3 Ways to Upcycle Fabrics with Lace

Are you feeling inspired to upcycle your fabrics with lace after seeing how easy it is? How else would you use OK To Wash-It to upcycle fabrics? Tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!

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