Best DIY Rhinestone Craft Projects with Liquid Fusion Glue:

No matter what kind of DIY you’re decking out in rhinestones, keep it sparkling to perfection with Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive. This versatile, UV-resistant glue offers maximum staying power that’s still gentle enough to work with delicate rhinestones. (And it’s crystal clear too!) 

What you need:
Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive
- Shoes
- Tumbler/phone case/any item for decorating
- Rhinestones – various sizes
- Colored pencil
- Craft stick

Step 1 Clean and dry project surface

For this tutorial on how to use Liquid Fusion for your rhinestone DIYs, we’ll be featuring shoes, but you can use these same tips for any project you decide to work on! First make sure that whatever you are adding some bling to, the surface is clean, dry and free of dust and prints for best results.

Step 2 Apply Liquid Fusion to project surface

Working in smaller sections at a time (to give yourself enough time to apply rhinestones to the section of glue), apply Liquid Fusion to your project surface.

Step 3 Spread glue in an even layer

Use a craft stick to help smooth out the glue into an even layer on your project. (You dont want it to be too thick.)

Step 4 Use tip of colored pencil to grab rhinestones

Pro tip for adding rhinestones: you can use tweezers to pick up individual rhinestones, or you can use the tip of a colored pencil or sharp crayon. Gently but firmly press the tip onto the top of the rhinestone; the wax from the color will grab onto the rhinestone for easily lifting and transporting the rhinestone to your project surface.

Step 5 Press rhinestone into glue

Press the rhinestone into the Liquid Fusion on your project with the colored pencil tip.

Step 6 Continue adding different sizes of rhinestones

Continue adding Liquid Fusion in sections on your project surface and pressing rhinestones into the glue. Try alternating different sizes of rhinestones to fill in spaces for a nice sparkling finish without gaps. Once youre happy with the look, let the glue dry completely according to instructions.

Step 7 Rhinestone tumbler with Liquid Fusion

Want your coffee with a latte sparkle? You can use Liquid Fusion to glue rhinestones onto your favorite tumbler too! (Liquid Fusion is waterproof, so you can hand wash your cup without worry.)

Step 8 Rhinestone phone case with Liquid Fusion

You can also put some shine on speed dial with Liquid Fusion! Use the same steps above to glue rhinestones onto your phone case. This is a great way to give some extra life to a case thats starting to look a little dingy and beat up.

Step 9 Rhinestone keychain with Liquid Fusion

Start your car in style with a rhinestone keychain! Youll never lose your keys again with sparkle that you can spot anywhere. What other rhinestone creations are you making with Liquid Fusion? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us! 

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