Easter Décor Idea: Bunny Door Wreath

Looking for Easter décor ideas? This adorable bunny door wreath from Craft Box Girls is so easy to put together with premade shapes and Aleene’s DIY Craft Super Glue. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to welcome spring – and guests – with a wreath that’s blooming with creativity!

What you need:
Aleene’s DIY Craft Super Glue
- Wood hoop – 14” to 16”
- 16” Wood bunny cutout 
- “Welcome” wood cutout
- Rectangular wooden plaque
- Acrylic paints in desired colors (COLORSHOT Premium Acrylic Paints used for this project)
- Paintbrushes and paint palette
- Ribbon
- Faux flowers
- Scissors

Step 1 Easter bunny wreath supplies

The most challenging part of creating this Easter decor idea is picking out what paint colors you want to use. Softer, pastel shades are perfect for spring, but its your project have fun and add your own flair!

Step 2 Paint each wood piece with acrylic paint

First paint all of the wood pieces in your chosen colors of acrylic paint. Let them dry completely before assembling your wreath.

Step 3 Glue the welcome cutout to the plaque

Once your painted pieces are dry, first glue the welcome cutout to the plaque using the Craft Super Glue. Apply the glue to the backside and press in place on the center of the plaque.

Step 4 Glue bunny cutout to hoop

Next glue your bunny cutout to the hoop base, adding the glue to any part of the back side of the bunny that will sit against the hoop.

Step 5 Glue a bow onto the bunny cutout

Glue the welcome sign onto the bunny cutout, then cut a strand of ribbon and tie it into a bow for adding some flair to this Easter decor idea! You can glue it to the ear, or even on the neck area to make a cute bowtie.

Step 6 Loop ribbon around hoop for hanger

To create a hanger for your door wreath, cut another strand of ribbon and loop it around the top of the hoop. Then tie a knot at the top for hanging.

Step 7 Glue flowers to back of welcome sign

To finish your Easter bunny door wreath, trim the faux flowers to fit along the welcome sign, then decide how you would like to arrange them. Once you have that figured out, add glue to the stem of each and press onto the back of the welcome sign. Let dry completely.

Step 8 Hang wreath on front door

Now its time to hang your bunny wreath on your front door to welcome and guests with spring cheer!

Step 9 Easter dcor idea  bunny door wreath

This is one Easter decor idea we plan on bringing back every year. Its just too cute not to! What spring crafts are you making with Aleene's DIY Craft Super Glue? (Its so versatile, you can use it for ALL of them!) Tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!

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