How to Hem Pants with Fabric Glue

Do you have some jeans or pants that are a bit too long and need a hem? You don’t have to be a master at sewing – nor do you have to track one down – to get it done. This life hack comes from Mark LaFerney at Slumbering Alligator, who will show you how to hem pants using Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. (But it’s not just as a quick, temporary fix: this glue dries clear and holds permanently!) 

What you need:
- Aleene’s Fabric Fusion
- Pants that are TOO LONG
- Iron
- Ruler
- Fabric scissors
- Pen
- Pins or clips
- Popsicle stick (optional)

Step 1 How to hem pants with Fabric Fusion

Let’s learn how to hem pants without a needle and thread! Before getting started, make sure your pants have been washed and dried (especially if new in case any shrinking happens before you start hemming.) What’s great about Fabric Fusion is that it dries permanent, washable and flexible to keep up with life on the go. 

Step 2 Mark where new hemline should be

Put the clean pants on and determine where your new hemline should be. Mark it with a pin.

Step 3 Mark the new hemline using a ruler

Carefully remove your pants, turn them inside out and lay them flat. Using the pin as a guide, measure from the bottom of the pants to your new hemline and mark a reference dot.

Step 4 Draw your new hemline

Flip your ruler and use it to draw a straight line across the pant leg to represent your new hemline.

Step 5 Draw another line 1 under your hemline

Measure one inch down from your hemline, make the same reference dot and then draw another line across the pant leg.

Step 6 Hem lines

Your lines should look like this.

Step 7 Cut along bottom line

Using your fabric scissors, cut along the bottom line. Dont throw away the piece you cut off; you can use it to measure the other pant leg. 

Step 8 Fold leg  inch and iron flat

Now fold your pant leg inch up (to help prevent fraying) and press with an iron to hold in place. 

Step 9 Fold another  inch up and iron flat

Fold up another inch to new hemline and press with the iron once again. 

Step 10 Apply Aleenes Fabric Fusion under the new hem

Now we add the glue! Apply a line of Aleenes Fabric Fusion under your new hem. 

Step 11 Use a popsicle stick to help spread the glue (optional)

If you like, you can use a popsicle stick to help spread the glue in an even layer underneath the hem. Glue get where its not supposed to go? No problem, you can easily wipe it away with soap and water before it dries. 

Step 12 Hold glued hem in place with clips

Keep adding glue around the entire pant leg under the pressed hem. Use sewing pins or clips to help hold the hem securely in place until the glue dries. Meanwhile, repeat the process on the other pant leg! You can measure or use the fabric you cut from the first leg to help guide you.

Step 13 Hemmed Pants with Aleenes Fabric Fusion

Congratulations, you just learned how to hem pants on your own, without having to use a sewing machine! Pretty easy, right? Now you can step out in style without your pants dragging! What else are you inspired to hem, now that youve got it down? Make sure to share with us what youre making by tagging us on social @aleenesdiy!

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