Make a Popsicle Piñata for Your 4th of July Party

One way to beat the heat this 4th of July is to have some cool party activities! Piñatas are fun for all ages and you can stuff them with candy and other themed items that everyone will love to crack open. Craft Box Girls will show you how to get into the spirit of Independence Day with a handmade popsicle piñata in red, white and blue. Grab your Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue and take a swing at this creative project!

What you need:
Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
- Tissue paper – red, white, blue 
- Poster board (any color is fine) 
- Scissors
- Clear packing tape
- Pencil 

Step 1 Piata supplies

You don’t need very many supplies to make a festive piñata for your 4th of July party! Make sure your cardboard piece is large enough to cut your popsicle shape from, in the desired size you want for your piñata.

Step 2 Draw and cut out a U shape from cardboard

Draw an upside-down U shape on the cardboard and cut it out. Create a smaller version of this for the popsicle handle.

Step 3 Cut strips of poster board to frame cardboard

Cut strips of poster board about 4 wide and long enough to fit around the outer edge of your cardboard popsicle shape. Cut small strips of poster board at least 2 long these will help connect your larger poster board strips to the cardboard so they act as a frame. Add dots of Quick Dry Tacky Glue every few inches along the larger strips.

Step 4 Glue smaller strips in place

Press the smaller strips into the dots of glue, then fold them upward as shown.

Step 5 Add a dot of glue to each strip

Add a dot of Quick Dry Tacky to the top of each connector strip.

Step 6 Add glue around cardboard

Add glue along the outer edge of the cardboard piece.

Step 7 Cut a door on one side

Glue poster board around the entire perimeter of the cardboard, then cut a door on one side of the poster board, where you can insert candy after the piñata is done.

Step 8 Wrap in tissue paper and glue

Wrap the piñata in two sheets of white tissue paper like a present, and glue in place to secure.

Step 9 Insert and glue popsicle stick piece

Cut a slit in the tissue paper at the bottom of the popsicle and insert and glue the popsicle stick piece.

Step 10 Cut long strips of tissue paper

Cut long strips of red, white and blue tissue paper that are about 2 inches wide.

Step 11 Cut fringe into one side

Cut fringe along one side of each long strip of tissue paper.

Step 12 Glue tissue paper fringe around popsicle

Glue the red, white and blue tissue paper strips around the entire piñata, fringe side down. Layer them slightly over one another as you go, so there aren't any gaps. Don't forget to leave an opening for the door on the side!

Step 13 Popsicle Piata for 4th of July

Once everything has dried, its time to stuff the piñata and tape the door shut to secure. If you're going to be hanging your piñata, glue or staple a strand of string to the backside. And now your popsicle piñata is ready to be a total hit at your party! What other 4th of July creations are you crafting up with Aleene's glues? Tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us!

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