Tips on How to Glue Metal

Like a lot of the other materials we talk about here on, metal is one that’s super common. All of us likely have metal somewhere in our homes, whether it’s furniture, tools, jewelry or even craft supplies. So, of course, we’re going to talk about how to glue metal; it’s an important topic! Whether you’re making something new or repairing something treasured, read on for tips on how to glue metal, and the Aleene’s glues you can trust for your metal projects.

What you need:
- Aleene’s Glues (varies per item) 
- Metal items

1. How to Glue Metal to Wood How to glue metal to wood

If youve ever made your own shelves, or you enjoy working with wood in any capacity, at some point youve likely had the all-important question of how to glue metal to wood. Or this might be a future question if youre just starting to get into DIY projects! Two sturdy materials like metal and wood need an industrial-strength glue that's as tough as nails. That's why we recommend using The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive for your metal to wood projects. Formulated to work permanently on a variety of surfaces, this powerhouse glue is UV and weather resistant for outdoor projects as well as indoor. There aren't a lot of tricks to using The Ultimate; simply apply to both surfaces, let set for about two minutes, then press together and let cure. Now that you know how to glue metal to wood, no one else has to know you didn't even need to use tools for your project!

2. How to Glue Metal to Metal How to glue metal to metal: easy storage jars

Gluing metal items to other metal items doesn't always mean a big industrial project; it can be as simple as gluing jar lids to cabinet pulls for your own storage containers! Or maybe you're making jewelry or a cool art project. So in those times when you're wondering how to glue metal to other metal items, remember this solution: Aleenes DIY Craft Super Glue. Made specifically for heavy-duty projects, this gel adhesive dries quickly and super strong on both indoor and outdoor projects. Once you've applied it to each surface and glued them together, let it cure for 24 hours for a maximum-strength bond between your metal surfaces.

3. How to Glue Metal to Rubber How to glue metal to rubber

You might be thinking, When would I ever need to know how to glue metal to rubber? Well, like plastic, rubber and heavy-duty rubber are used to make lots of items we use every day! Especially if you're into gardening, because a lot of gardening tools are made with heavy-duty rubber and metal. Luckily if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to repair your favorite spade, The Ultimate will come to the rescue! This industrial-strength glue is weather and UV resistant, making it a fantastic solution for repairing outdoor tools. 

4. How to Glue Metal to Plastic How to glue metal to plastic

Jewelry makers, this one's for you! (And of course, everyone else too.) You'll encounter needing to know how to glue metal to plastic with a lot of jewelry, but this of course happens with other crafts and household projects as well. Aleenes Jewelry & Metal Glue is your go-to glue for creating or repairing jewelry and other items of a similar nature think metal and plastic, metal and gems, etc. It even works on porous and semi-porous stones and gems, is impact resistant and waterproof too! Plus, the no-drip formula gives you extra control when gluing smaller embellishments. Simply apply it and let it dry and cure, and you're ready to show everyone that you know how to glue metal to plastic without worry.

5. How to Glue Metal to Fabric How to glue metal to fabric

There might come a time when you wonder just how to glue metal to fabric. It could happen! Like with a planter and faux fabric greenery! Some of us just don't do (cant keep alive) real plants, and that's perfectly okay. But you still want to know how to glue your faux plants to your planters to keep them in place! Remember above when we talked about The Ultimate? There is a reason we named this glue The Ultimate. Because while it's an industrial-strength glue, it's also gentle enough to work with delicate materials like fabric. So if you're trying to figure out the perfect glue for how to glue metal to fabric, this is your go-to solution!

6. How to Glue Metal to Glass How to glue metal to glass

Maybe we sound like a broken record talking about The Ultimate, or maybe you're now realizing that with the right all-purpose industrial-strength glue, you don't have to buy a bunch of different glues! Knowing how to glue metal to glass is as easy as getting out your Ultimate glue youve been using for your other metal projects. This glue has the perfect combination of strength and versatility! It also dries clear, so you never have to worry about the way it will look on your metal to glass projects.

7. How to Glue Metal to Leather How to glue metal to leather

What do you think of when you think of gluing metal to leather? Handbags, belts, shoes, jackets, right? Our wearables often combine leather or faux leather and metal accents like studs and other embellishments. Since leather is a heavy-duty fabric, when you want to know how to glue metal (another heavy-duty material) to leather, you'll need a glue made specifically for heavy fabrics. Enter Aleenes Super Fabric Adhesive. This industrial-strength glue works fast on hard-to-hold embellishments, with a clear-drying, flexible bond youll want for your wearables and accessories. Its even machine washable! Simply apply Super Fabric Adhesive to your embellishment, press onto your leather item, then let dry completely; Super Fabric Adhesive dries in 2 to 6 hours. And now you know how to glue leather to metal quickly so you can get on to your next project!

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