Aleene's® Spray Acrylic Sealer Super Gloss 6 oz.
Aleene's® Spray Acrylic Sealer Super Gloss 6 oz. back of can
Aleene's® Spray Acrylic Sealer Super Gloss 6 oz. cap off

Aleenes® Spray Acrylic Sealer Super Gloss 6 oz.

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Keep your projects looking picture perfect with Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer! This durable, versatile sealer provides a clear super glossy finish on both indoor and outdoor surfaces for weatherproof protection you can count on. The spray-on acrylic formula applies evenly and dries quickly with a shiny super gloss finish. 

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Ceramics
  • Plaster
  • Painted surfaces
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

  1. Make sure surface to be sprayed is dry and dust free.
  2. Shake can well before applying.
  3. Holding can upright 10” to 12” from surface, spray with a slow, even side-to-side motion.
  4. Surface should have an overall wet look, but avoid over-applying to prevent drips or soak-through.
  5. Apply as many coats as desired; 2-3 light coats are better than one heavy coat.
  6. Allow to dry between coats.
  7. After spraying, turn can upside down and spray until only clear gas appears. Wipe valve opening. This will prevent clogging and sputtering in future applications. Spray valve can be removed for cleaning.

At 1 hour, spray will be dry to the touch and can be handled but there is still a chemical/solvent odor which indicates that they are still drying. The odor should dissipate gradually within a few days (3 to 7).  When the residual chemical odor is gone is when the sprays are fully dried. Please note that in colder climates/seasons, the sprays will take longer to dry. 

H2.06 x L 5.88 x W 2.06