Easy Clear Handbag Makeover

You might normally associate clear handbags with hitting the big game or a rocking out at a concert venue; stadium bags (as they’re known) are perfect for these occasions, after all. They’re clear and easy to see through, getting you into the venue without any issues! We might not be heading to a stadium anytime soon, but with these quick makeover tips from Club Crafted and Aleene’s DIY Craft Super Glue, we can turn our clear stadium handbags into everyday bags with a little extra style. Running errands just got a little better and a lot more fabulous.

What you need:
Aleene’s DIY Craft Super Glue Gel 2 Pack
- Clear handbag
- Faux pearls (or desired embellishments) 

Step 1 Clear handbag makeover supplies

First make sure your bag is clean and free from any prints or dust before you start embellishing it. Holly from Club Crafted used pearls to embellish her bag, but feel free to get creative with yours! You can use crystals, sequins, ribbons and other embellishments to give your clear stadium bag a whole new purpose in life.

Step 2 Add glue to pearl and press onto bag

When youre ready, add a dot of Craft Super Glue to the bottom of your pearl (or embellishment) and press onto your bag where desired.

Step 3 Create clusters with embellishments

Continue this process, creating clusters or whatever designs you like with your embellishments.


Step 4 Let dry and repeat on other side

Once youre happy with how your embellishments look, let them dry completely according to instructions on the DIY Craft Super Glue. Repeat on the other side of your clear bag.

Step 5 Clear handbag makeover with Aleenes DIY Craft Super Glue

After your newly revamped clear handbag is dry, it’s time to take it out on the town! Add your go-to essentials and get ready for some compliments on your DIY style.

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