Easy DIY Couples Costumes

Everyone wants to win the coveted "best costume" award at their annual Halloween party, but coming up with a really fantastic costume - especially if you're dressing up as a couple - can be tricky, time consuming and/or expensive. One way to save is to make your own DIY couples costume, but what if you don't know how to sew? Don't let that stop your ambition because luckily with Aleene's Fabric Fusion in your costume-making arsenal, you can create a really cool, super easy DIY couples costume in an afternoon that looks like you spent a pretty penny and had a pro whip it up.

Here's a roundup of fun, creative costume ideas to get you in the spirit of Halloween:

Cactus DIY Couples Costume

Easy DIY Couples Costumes

Have you waited until the last minute to come up with a couples costume for you and your other half? (Just blame it on your other half, we won't tell.) Luckily this trendy cactus DIY couples costume is super easy to make with green sweatshirts, faux flowers & chenille stems, and Fabric Fusion of course. Get out that glue and you'll be ready for a costume that everyone at your Halloween party will totally be stuck on!

S'mores DIY Couples Costume

Easy DIY Couples Costumes

Not only is this s'mores couples costume adorable, it almost looks good enough to eat! Made with simple craft supplies like cardboard, felt, miscellaneous fabrics and Fabric Fusion, everyone will want to hit the dessert table after hanging out with the sweetest couple at the party.

Matching Dog & Owner Scarecrow Costumes

Easy DIY Couples Costumes

If your dog is your other half, first of all - AWESOME (we love dogs!), then this DIY couples costume is for you! And honestly how can you NOT win the costume contest with a furry friend in tow?! Besides the fact that everything is more fun when dogs are around. If you don't already have a pair of overalls, you can definitely find some super cheap, then embellish with faux leaves, straw and Fabric Fusion for a quick and easy matching dog & owner scarecrow costume set that's too fun to pass up. 

Feeling inspired yet? It's so easy to create costumes with no sewing required when you have the right fabric glue like Aleene's Fabric Fusion!

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