How to Decoupage a Ceramic Mug

If you haven’t tried the art of decoupaging yet, you’re missing out! Decoupage is fun to create with, you can make all kinds of cool projects, and it works on lots of different craft surfaces. Not sure how to decoupage? This easy tutorial from Mikyla Creates will show you how to use Aleene’s Premium Decoupage to turn a ceramic mug into a pretty decoration you can display as is or use as creative storage for other items!

What you need:
- Aleene’s Premium Decoupage – Gloss
- Ceramic mug
- Printed design 
- Paintbrushes
- Acrylic paint – desired color(s)
- Paper plate or paint palette

Step 1 Ceramic mug decoupage supplies

Ready to learn how to decoupage? (Or maybe you're already a pro and just want to make a cool project.) Let's get started! First make sure your mug is clean and free from prints.

Step 2 Create speckles on mug with paint

For this decoupage project well first create speckles on the mug using acrylic paint. Squeeze some paint onto a paper plate or paint palette, then dip the pointed end of your brush handle into the paint and dab onto the mug. Repeat this around the entire mug.

Step 3 Splatter paint around the mug

To create additional speckles in lots of different sizes, dip the bristles of your brush in paint, then flick the bristles to splatter paint onto the mug. Repeat around the mug. Once you're happy with how it looks, let the paint dry completely.

Step 4 Cut out printed designs

When you're ready to decoupage the mug with your favorite printed designs, first cut out the designs to your liking.

Step 5 Brush Decoupage onto back of design

Next, using a clean paintbrush, brush a layer of Premium Decoupage onto the back of the printed design. Or you can also brush the decoupage onto the surface of your mug where you'll be placing the design.

Step 6 Press design onto mug

Immediately press the design in place on the mug while the adhesive is still wet. Press and smooth out the paper with your fingers to eliminate any wrinkles or air bubbles.

Step 7 Seal project with Decoupage

Brush another layer of Premium Decoupage over the design and the entire outer surface of the mug to seal it. Let it dry completely. Note: Decoupaged items are for decorative use only, and should not be used to consume food and beverages.

Step 8 Decoupage a Ceramic Mug

Look how cute this project turned out! Your new decoupaged mugs will make fun containers for storing items or using as a pretty display somewhere in your home. They'd also make a great personalized gift for friends and family!

Step 9 How to Decoupage a Ceramic Mug

Now that you know how to decoupage (or how to decoupage a decorative mug anyways), what else will you create with Aleene's Premium Decoupage? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us! 

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