How To Make a Pirate Hat

However your family is celebrating Halloween this year, make sure it’s one they’ll treasure! Grab your first mates and get creative with this easy, affordable pirate costume DIY using nontoxic Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. That’s right, no sewing needed! This tutorial from The Jamie Lynn Show will teach you how to make a pirate hat using felt and Tacky Glue. There’s no bones about it, this cute pirate costume will spare you from having to walk the plank this Halloween! ARRRRRRRE you ready to get started?! 

What you need:
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue®
- Felt – black, white, red
- Faux fur fabric (optional – for beard) 
- Pirate hat pattern
- Skull and crossbones pattern
- Eyepatch pattern
- String
- Hole punch
- Scissors

Step 1 Choose felt colors for pirate hat

For this tutorial on how to make a pirate hat, The Jamie Lynn Show used red, black and white felt, but you can choose any colors you like! Draw your own patterns on scratch paper or print some you find online. Make sure to size your hat pattern to fit your child's measurements!

Step 2 Place hat pattern along fold of base felt

Fold your base felt in half and place your hat pattern along the fold. Using a half pattern with a fold like shown makes the process a little easier, and a little faster to cut out, and it's a great way to make sure both sides match evenly!

Step 3 Cut out base piece.

Use the pirate hat pattern to cut out your base piece and set aside.

Step 4 Cut out backside accent piece from a different color

Repeat this step for your pirate hat backside accent piece using a different felt color.

Step 5 Squeeze a line of Tacky Glue along top edge

Squeeze a line of Tacky Glue along the top edge of your main pirate hat piece of felt.

Step 6 Place accent piece in place.

Press your pirate hat backside accent piece in place on the base piece, with the top edge extending a half inch to an inch above the base piece. Let dry. 

Step 7 Cut out and glue skull and crossbones onto hat

Flip the pirate hat over so the base piece is now on top. Use your skull and crossbones pattern to cut out the skull and crossbones on white felt. Glue to the front of the hat as shown.

Step 8 Punch a hole on each side of the hat

Punch a hole on each side of the base piece, making sure holes are in the same place on each side. This will be for adding string to secure around your child's head.

Step 9 Tie string on each side of hat

Tie equal lengths of string on each side of the hat.

Step 10 Cut out eyepatch piece from felt

Cut your eyepatch pattern from desired color of felt. Tip: glue your paper pattern to the backside of the eyepatch piece for a sturdier base.

Step 11 Punch holes and tie string to eyepatch

Punch a hole on each side of eyepatch and tie a strand of string to each side. Make sure the string is long enough to fit around your child's head.

Step 12 Cut out pirate beard from faux fur

If your child will be wearing a pirate beard, size and cut out the beard pattern from faux fur fabric. You can either secure it with string or use a skin-safe glue, like lash adhesive, to tack on to your child's face.

Step 13 How to Make a Pirate Hat using Tacky Glue

Find a striped shirt to complete the costume, and your kiddo is ready for some high-sea Halloween adventures! Now that you know how to make a pirate hat, you can make one for everyone in the fam to complete your crew of shipmates. Buried treasure optional!

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