No-Sew Snowflake Embellished Blazer with Fabric Fusion

Change up your wardrobe this winter with Aleene’s! Learn how to create a whimsical snowflake embellished blazer that can be worn as a statement piece for the holiday season and beyond. This easy upcycled fashion DIY is a great way to add unique new style to an old favorite. The best part? There’s no sewing needed and you can wear your personalized jacket right away thanks to Aleene’s Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion!

What you need:
  • Aleene’s Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion
  • Blazer
  • Snowflake embellishments
  • Foil
  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth

  • Step 1 Plan out your design Plan out your design and place embellishments

    Step 1 Plan out your design

    Plan out your embellished blazer design by placing the snowflake embellishments onto the blazer. For this personalized jacket, were putting snowflakes on the pockets, lapel, and shoulders. The embellishments should be heat-resistant with flat backs do not use plastic embellishments. 

    Step 2 Glue the embellishments Apply glue to the embellishment and press into place

    Step 2 Glue the embellishments

    Place a piece of foil underneath the fabric where you'll glue down the embellishment. Apply Aleene's Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion to the back of the embellishment and press into place. Repeat with each embellishment on your personalized jacket. 

    Step 3 Activate the adhesive Activate the adhesive with an iron

    Step 3 Activate the adhesive

    Preheat your iron to the hottest setting for the fabric. Lay a pressing cloth over the embellishment and iron the glued area in a circular motion for 30 seconds to activate the Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion. Repeat this process to secure all of the snowflakes onto your embellished blazer. 

    Step 4 Style your embellished blazer Snowflake embellished blazer with Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion

    Step 4 Style your embellished blazer

    Once you've finished ironing on each embellishment, your personalized jacket is ready to wear! Pair your snowflake embellished blazer with matching accessories for a fun and fashionable look. 

    Will you be making your own embellished blazer with Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion? Show us your winter fashion DIYs and tag us on social media @aleenesDIY!

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