No-Sew Upcycled Jeans with Crochet Doilies and Fabric Glue

If you’ve got a pair of well-worn jeans in your closet that need a pick-me-up, give them a stylish makeover with crochet patches! Don’t know how to sew or crochet? No problem—use fabric glue instead! Check out our tutorial and learn how to upcycle jeans with crochet doilies using Aleene’s Fabric Fusion glue. This no-sew upcycling project is perfect for patching up holes and giving your pants a cute new look with cozy crochet embellishments!

Supplies Needed:

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

Denim jeans

Crochet doilies

Straight pins

Wax paper

Step 1 Prepare your materials

Prepare materials for upcycled jeans project

Pick out a pair of jeans to upcycle for this project— one with large, frayed holes will work perfectly! Check to ensure your crochet doilies are large enough to patch the holes in your upcycled jeans. Prewash and dry the jeans and crochet doilies without fabric softener.

 Step 2 Cut and place wax paper

Cut and place wax paper through jeans holes

Lay the upcycled jeans flat on your work surface. Cut wax paper and place through the holes in the jeans to prevent fabric glue from soaking through the layers.

Step 3 Place crochet doilies

Place crochet doilies into jean holes

Step 4 Pin layers together

Pin layers together with straight pins

Use straight pins to fasten the top layer of denim and crochet doilies together, one inch from the frayed edges of each hole. Try to keep the layers as flat as possible during this step!

Step 5 Apply Fabric Fusion glue

Apply Fabric Fusion glue to denim

Use scissors to cut the customizable glue tip of your Fabric Fusion glue bottle. Pull back the edges of denim and apply an even coat of fabric glue to the outer edge of each hole.

Step 6 Press to adhere

Firmly press to adhere surfaces with Fabric Fusion glue

Firmly press the denim edges onto the crochet doilies to ensure the Fabric Fusion glue creates a strong, permanent bond. Allow the fabric glue to cure completely, approximately 2-4 hours.

Step 7 Wear your upcycled jeans!

No-Sew Upcycled Jeans with Crochet Doilies

Remove the straight pins and wax paper from your upcycled jeans, then they are ready to wear! Crochet doilies are a playful way to patch your pants and give them a whimsical new look. Fabric can be washed after 48 hours.

It’s easy to upcycle jeans with crochet doilies when you have Aleene’s Fabric Fusion glue! Show us your no-sew fashion ideas with fabric glue and tag us on social media @AleenesDIY!

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