Trending DIY Embellishments: No-Sew Floral Embroidered Dress

Elevate your wardrobe with cottagecore style! This loveshack-inspired dress is full of fun florals in an adorable autumn palette. Floral embroidered dresses can be quite expensive, but you can no-sew DIY for a fraction of the price with embellishments! Aleene’s Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion is perfect for this project—you’ll be runway ready in no time! 

What you need:
  • Aleene’s Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion
  • Embroidered flowers
  • Neutral dress
  • Parchment paper
  • Pressing cloth
  • Iron
  • Scissors

  • Step 1 Prepare embroidered flowers Prepare embroidered flowers

    Step 1 Prepare embroidered flowers

    Prepare the flowers for your floral embroidered dress. If using sheer fabric by the yard, cut out enough flowers to cover the front and back of your dress. You can also use individual flower embellishments for this project. Sort the flowers by color and size for easy organization. 

    Step 2 Arrange flowers Arrange flowers

    Step 2 Arrange flowers

    Lay the dress flat on your work surface and place a sheet of parchment paper inside the dress. Now it’s time to get creative with the placement of your embroidered flowers! Place your floral embellishments all over the dress with minimal gaps. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, work in sections to adhere the flowers to the dress. 

    Step 3 Apply glue and activate with heat Apply glue and activate with heat

    Step 3 Apply glue and activate with heat

    Apply an even coat of Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion to the back of each flower and press into place. To activate the adhesive, place a pressing cloth over the glued flowers and iron the glued area for 30 seconds in a circular motion. 


    Step 4: Iron and wear! Iron and wear!

    Step 4: Iron and wear!

    Repeat this process until your dress is covered in embroidered flowers. Once finished, turn your embellished dress inside out and iron the inside to ensure that all the adhesive has been activated. This loveshack-inspired floral embroidered dress is ready to wear right away no waiting for the glue to dry! 

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