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DIY Pinata Costume

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Picture of DIY Pinata Costume

We all know homemade costumes are the way to go for Halloween! Especially if you’re trying to win that company costume contest. Skip the store-bought costume everyone will have, and grab Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive. Create a colorful Pinata Costume that no one will look away from.

What you need:

  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape (enough to wrap around dress)
  • Desired colors of tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Tank dress
  • For headband (optional) Construction paper for horns
  • Clear tape
  • Plastic headband
  1. Cut tissue paper into 2” wide strips and cut fringe onto one side.

  2. Lay dress out flat and starting at hemline, apply a strip of Fabric Fusion Tape along hem.

  3. Adhere a strip of tissue paper fringe onto Fabric Fusion strip.

  4. Repeat until entire front of dress is covered with desired colors of tissue paper fringe.

  5. For headband- roll construction paper into two cone shapes and secure with clear tape.

  6. Affix cones to plastic headband with additional tape.

  7. Wrap cones with tissue paper fringe and secure with clear tape.

  8. Decorate tip of horns with additional fringe.

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Published Date

September 15, 2017