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DIY S'mores Couple's Costume

Halloween couple's costumes are twice the fun! Grab your partner and win the "best couple's costume" award at your Halloween party this year with a little help from Aleene's Glues. There's no sewing needed for this super fun DIY s'mores couple's costume that'll have everyone wanting to plan a camping trip before winter hits. 

What you need:

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion

For Campfire Costume:
- Poster board or lightweight card stock

- Assorted brown printed fabrics

- Brown paper

- Stiff felt in fire colors

- Tulle in fire colors

- White and gray acrylic paint

- Paintbrush

- Orange ribbon cut to fit around waist

- Yellow/orange T-shirt and shorts

- Scissors

For S’mores Costume:
- 2 large squares of cardboard cut to desired size for costume

- 2 small squares of cardboard cut for headband

- Foam squares

- Brown fabric for chocolate

- Black or brown marker

- Headband with flat surface

- Large white pompom for headband

- Craft knife

- White T-shirt and shorts

Aleene's S'mores Couple's Costumes

For the Campfire Costume:

  1. Cut the brown cardstock into strips and roll into tubes for logs. Glue edges together with Tacky Glue and let dry.
  2. Tear brown fabrics into strips to wrap around tubes, using use Quick Dry Fabric Fusion to glue in place.
  3. Use Quick Dry Fabric Fusion to adhere logs to each other to create a “wood pile.” 
  4. Cut flame shapes from stiff felt in fire colors and layer together with glue to create flames. Adhere to logs with Quick Dry Fabric Fusion. 
  5. Cut tufts of tulle and adhere to logs as well to add dimension.
  6. Crumple balls of brown paper and paint with white and gray paint to create “rocks.” Adhere to logs.
  7. Cut a strip of ribbon to fit around waist, leaving room for tying. Glue to the back side of campfire.

Aleene's S'mores Couple's Costumes

For the S'mores Costume, first cut two large pieces of cardboard to desired size. Measure waist and create an oval cutout in the middle to fit; cut an access line from the edge of one side of the cardboard to the oval cutout, making the section wide enough to stretch apart and slip through when putting the costume on. Glue foam squares onto the cardboard with Tacky Glue, evenly spaced, then use a craft knife to trim off the portions by the waist to fit around curves.

Aleene's S'mores Couple's Costumes

Drape brown fabric over foam squares and glue in place with Tacky Glue to create chocolate. Cut out the center section and access section for waist. Glue edges down for a finished look.

Aleene's S'mores Couple's Costumes

Use a brown or black marker to create graham cracker texture effects on top of second piece of cardboard. Cut an opening for the neck with an access cut as well.

Aleene's S'mores Couple's Costumes

Cut two small cardboard squares for headband and draw graham cracker details on the top piece to look like the main costume piece. Use Tacky Glue to glue a large white pompom in between pieces to create mini s'more. Glue s'more to headband and let dry completely.

Aleene's S'mores Couple's Costumes

We might be biased, or we might be really hungry, but we think this S'mores Couple's Costume looks good enough to eat!